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Top 9: Best Backpacker Bars in Bangkok

If you are scouring Bangkok for cheap booze or simply a fantastic bar to chill at then we’ve got you covered. We’ve narrowed down the Top 9 backpacker bars in Bangkok.

These bars have something special to offer whether its because prices are reasonable—or super cheap— their excellent ambiance and great music are all of the raves from tourists and locals.

Th Prachathipatai, Bangkok

Rolling Bar.10 of the best backpacker bars in Bangkok

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Just a stone’s throw away from Lamphutree House Hotel, the Rolling Bar is known for its friendly and excellent customer service, chill vibe, great music (live or digital), cheap drinks and fried food. It’s a great place if you find yourself just wanting to relax on holiday.

The cozy and rustic interior of this canal-side bar is quite charming. Inside you’ll find brick walls and mismatched furniture, which adds to its homey atmosphere. There is typically indie, the 80s and 70s hits playing throughout the night.

58/2 Soi Damnoenklang Tai, Tanao Rd., Ban Phan Thom, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok

Phranakorn Bar - 10 of the best backpacker bars in Bangkok
If you find yourself being the artsy, bohemian type or a student, you’ll definitely like the eclectic vibe at Phra Nakorn Bar and Gallery. They offer excellent drinks that are relatively cheap, plus they serve delicious Thai food, which you can enjoy on the rooftop. As a bonus, you can immerse yourself in the bar’s art exhibits and great music.
This hidden little gem opens at 6 p.m. daily and is mostly frequented by tourists.

Phra Nakorn, Bangkok

Best Bars In Bangkok

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Before, you might have only heard of Khao San Road, but Soi Rambuttri is now the backpacker haven in the old district with plenty of accommodations depending on your budget.
In the evening, Soi Rambuttri, a U-shaped lane, transforms into a big pub. There are plenty of bars at Soi Rambuttri that offer cheap drinks and snacks!

Drinking cheap beers and cocktails under the wide open Bangkok sky has a charming, beautiful atmosphere to it—and coupled with live acoustic music the night truly comes alive.
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4. Q BAR
34 Sukhumvit Soi 11, Bangkok

Best Bars In Bangkok

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Q-Bar, found on Sukhumvit Soi 11, is owned by the same owner of the renowned Q-Bar in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. This is the place to go if you also wish to mingle with other foreigners, and is a popular bar for expats.

The Q-Bar in Bangkok is also known to carry the widest selection of spirits in the entire city of Bangkok. Tell them what you want, and they will have it most likely. But, if they don’t they will take note of it and will make sure that they serve it the next time you are there.
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27/3 Soi Sribumphen, off Sathorn Soi 1

Best Bars In Bangkok

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This late-night hole-in-the-wall dive bar in Soi Sribumphen, Bangkok usually comes alive after 2 a.m.—a perfect spot to go to when all the other bars are closing.
This colorful, dimly lit bar is a hidden treasure— a glowing gem in a residential neighborhood and famous to expats, celebrities, backpackers, and socialites. Indeed, a mix of bar-happy, hard drinkers that are not ready to call it a night flock to this legendary bar, known as one of the best in Southeast Asia.
Behind the bar is the owner, monitoring each and every customer to make sure they are drinking. If one is spotted without a drink in hand, he will be called over the mic to buy a drink or is asked to leave.

Khaosan Rd, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok
Hippie de Bar- 10 of the best backpacker bars in Bangkok

If you’re the artsy, bohemian type who enjoys a quieter place to drink then this is the place for you. Drinks aren’t super cheap, but backpackers and art enthusiasts are drawn to the ambiance of this high-rated bar along Khao San Road.
The two-story bar has an old-school and retro feel to it, and the background music is tastefully eclectic. Music ranges from indie folk to classic tunes. There is also a pool table and an outdoor space, which gives the bar a laid-back vibe.
Hippie de Bar is a calm, relaxing oasis in the midst of island craziness and hard parting—and yes, the drinks and food are fantastic.
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18 Prasumain Rd. | Chana Songkhram, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok

Joy Luck Club - 10 of the best backpacker bars in Bangkok

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If you want to relax and unwind then Joy Luck Club is the place to be. The bar is only a short distance from Khao San Road and serves affordable drinks and delicious food.
It’s a backpacker’s favorite with its friendly and impeccable customer service, fast Internet and live music.


Rambuttri Rd., Talat Yod Sub-District, Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok

Bar lamphu is another popular bar for backpackers that offers affordable drinks, snacks, and live music. This small, yet simple bar may not be well-publicized, but tourists vouch for the coolness of the place. The drinking crowd at Bar Lamphu tends to mix with the crowd from neighboring bars and restaurants—until it’s one big drinking party!

Basement, Buddy Lodge, 265 Th Khao San Rd., Bangkok

Brick Bar, Bangkok - 10 of the best backpacker bars in Bangkok
This trendy basement bar located in the heart of Khao San Road is known for its live music.
Brick Bar, which can hold to up to 1,200 people, is always jam-packed with wild, energetic, fun-loving Thais, so it’s advisable to get there early if you want to grab a good table.
This pub rarely has tourists, but if you’re looking to make new Thai friends then this is the place to be. There are at least three bands that play every night with music ranging from jazz, blues to ska. The drinks are also excellent, so it’s no wonder that the bar is one of the most famous and lively Khao San nightspots. Don’t be surprised if people start dancing on the tables.
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