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Wat Arun.

Break Out Your Camera – The 20 best places for photo shoot opportunities in Bangkok – 2017.

Whether for selfie purposes or serious Bangkok inspired photography, you won’t run out of fantastic places to capture the beauty of Bangkok. Here, we give you our 20 suggestions of where to pose and point and shoot with your Camera. Amateur and professional photographers alike, and to the most hardcore Instagrammer, check out these varieties of Bangkok photography opportunity spots to guide you:

1. WAT ARUN – A great ‘Tourist Place’ for photos

Meaning “Temple of Dawn,” the 17th century Wat Arun, with its stunning spires, is one of the most spectacular landmarks in Bangkok. The best time to take a photo is during the first light of the morning, as it reflects off the surface of the temple, producing a glorious shimmering effect.
1. WAT ARUN - A great 'Tourist Place' for photos

Image courtesy of shaozhi on the net

2. ART IN PARADISE – Amazing Instagram Material

The most fun place to take a photo with friends or family, Art in Paradise is also known as the 3D Museum, or Trickeye Museum. The two-story gallery, located on the 4th floor of the Esplanade Shopping Mall, is filled with overwhelming 3D artworks, and you’ll go gaga posing on each and every one: you dangerously balancing on a log, or flying on a magic carpet, or surfing…we won’t spoil the rest here. Needless to say quality Bangkok photo opportunities and amazing Instagram photo opportunities.

3. ASIATIQUE – Amazing Bangkok Street Photography

This riverfront night bazaar is too charming and pretty just for shopping alone. This former international trade port has over 1,500 boutiques with attractive storefronts and 40 restaurants. Having your picture taken with the backdrop of a collection of stores, the wide open sky at dusk, and the Asiatique Sky (a 60-meter high Ferris wheel) in the background, we guess you’d be taking more photos than buying items.  If its street photography that you are after then you should definitely grab your camera and head out to Asiatique for some amazing street photography opportunities.

4. THE GOLDEN CHEDI AT GRAND PALACE – Bangkok Iconic Photography

Within the vast complex of the Grand Palace, seek for the famous Golden Chedi. Not that you’d miss the distinctly bell-shaped glorious stupa, which is another favorite photography subject. Legend has it that the ashes of Buddha are kept within the chedi. Nineteenth-century, with a Sri Lankan style and design, the sight of the Golden Chedi is truly a sight to behold—and to capture with your camera.


Classed as the highest-grade among the first-class royal temples in Bangkok, The Temple of the Reclining Buddha is another must-capture. It is simply stunning: 46 meters long, 15 meters high, and covered in golden leaf, with mother of pearl laid-in feet, and dating back to the 16th century. Sometimes tourists go crazy fighting their way to take photos—not a surprise.

6. CENTRAL EMBASSY SHOPPING MALL – Futuristic Bangkok Architecture

Designed by award-winning British architect Amanda Levete, the super luxurious Central Embassy Shopping Mall is a great contemporary landmark in Thailand. After doing some shopping—or window shopping—take a selfie with this futuristic mall. Stark white, minimalist, with a modern twisting coil design, stepped terraces, and vertical gardens, it would look as if you stepped into a sci-fi movie.

7. STREET STALLS – The best food photography opportunities in Bangkok

Street photography has never been more fun. Night or day in Thailand’s capital city is sure to fire your creative prowess. Colorful street food, the smoke, the crowd, the people, the bustling, cultural environment truly demands lots of photos. Zoom in, zoom out, close-up, medium, wide, your lens will capture the essence of Bangkok. Street food photography also sells, ensuring you can upload your photos to any number of stock photography sites and then sit back and wait for your money.

8. YAOWARAT ROAD (CHINATOWN) – Colorful day or nighttime photo’s

The rich, vibrant, dazzling Thai-Chinese culture is all crammed in Yaowarat Road, or Chinatown, and you definitely should not leave the area without taking photos—especially after sunset. Brightly lit street-side cuisine, neon lights, wooden shop houses, glimmering gold shops, Chinatown is simply Instagram perfect. Visit Yaowarat Road during the Chinese New Year, and you’ll be flabbergasted by the awesome splendor.

9. THE SKY BAR AT LEBUA – Panoramic skyline photos of Bangkok

Scale the highest rooftop bar in the world and weep with joy at the view of the glittering Bangkok down below, then take photos. The Sky Bar is 820 feet in the air, looking like a paradise in the sky. With the atmospheric bar and the jaw-dropping view, your camera will fall in love with everything. The New York Times in 2013 even called Sky Bar “the most stunning rooftop bar you’ll ever see.”

Sky Bar at LebuaSky Bar at Lebua. Image courtesy of

10. CHATUCHAK WEEKEND MARKET – Great street photography

It’s officially the largest weekend market in the world, so why would you miss a photo op in Chatuchak? Tourists, locals and foreigners, are drawn to Chatuchak’s 27-acre land with around 15,000 shopping booths. Capture yourself purchasing, or take a snapshot of the colorful goods and market stalls, and tell the story of Chatuchak through your gorgeous images.

11. LUMPHINI PARK – Great for people watching

This open public park has plenty of visual delights for you to capture. The serene park with trees, artificial lake and boats, flowers, animals, and statues. And beyond the picturesque park is a view of skyscrapers touching the sky. Be inspired and shoot away from any vantage point in the area.
LUMPHINI PARK - Great for people watching

12. TERMINAL 21 – Also great for Camera shopping

This cleverly designed shopping mall is like a portal to famous international cities. Each floor has a city theme for the shopper’s delight: one floor is transformed into Tokyo, another into Paris, and then there’s London, San Francisco, Istanbul, and more. Take a picture on every floor, and tell everyone you’ve been shopping around the world—courtesy of Bangkok.

13. CITYSCAPE FROM BAIYOKE TOWER II – Best cityscape photo opportunity

Another dazzling round of shots of the Bangkok cityscape. Tourists and locals alike trek to this famous tower to reach the glass-enclosed public observatory on the 77th floor. Still not high enough to be inspired and take photos? Then head to the open-air revolving platform on the 84th floor and snap at the surreal view of Bangkok buildings, traffic, monuments, and the dramatic sky.

14. SIAM PARAGON – Classic modern shopping scenes

Head to one of the biggest shopping areas in Asia, and one of Bangkok’s most famous landmarks, then take out your camera and point it at the splendid mall’s façade and its fountain. If you think a mega mall is not too inspiring to take a photo of, see it for yourself. Modern, elegant, upscale, Siam Paragon’s design and architecture, courtesy of Jacqueline and Henri Boiffils, will satisfy your photography needs.

15. ANY TUK TUK – Varied Bangkok Street Photography Opportunities

The three-wheeled rickshaw with a small engine is everyone’s ride to get around the city. Why not snap a photo of this very Thai ride? With you inside it, next to it, or the view of Bangkok as it wheezes by while you’re riding it. The locals, the traffic, and all the colors of Bangkok, all from the point of view of a tourist enjoying his or her tuk-tuk ride. Ensure that your camera is well secured to your person as a tourists expensive camera can make a tempting trinket for passing motorbike drivers.

16. DAMNOEN SADUAK FLOATING MARKET – Timeless Bangkok Water Life Scenes

Out of all the floating markets in Thailand, the Damnoen Saduak is the most famous. Take a shot of congested canals overflowing with merchants in canoes with their piles of fresh fruits and vegetables, and other goods. Capture the busyness, the haggling, the chatter, the fun, the culture, the vibrant colors—best time in the morning, where the crowds are thickening.

17. BANGKOK FLOWER MARKET / PAK KLONG TALAD – A kaleidoscope of flowering color

Your camera will absolutely love the largest wholesale and retail flower market in the whole city. Walk through Pak Long Talad and enjoy taking photos with colorful blooms around you: orchids, roses, lilies, forget-me-not’s. And the flower market is open 24 hours! If you wish to witness Pak Klang Talad in its busiest hours, we recommend you visit after midnight. But if you wish to capture the colorful splendor of fresh flowers arriving in droves, visit the market just before the first morning light. It’s truly an explosion of colors.

18. Khao San Road – Backpackers street scene favorite great for low light photos

The famous backpacker haven. The best time for photo ops is nighttime; when neon signs float against the darkness of the night, and the road comes alive with action; backpackers and tourists flocking to enjoy the nightlife.
The pulsating clubs, the high energy, the plastic stools and portable tables spilling into the road, the vendors, the street food…Khao San Road is a world on its own, and you’ll find yourself capturing every colorful, animated, action-packed corner. If you are a low light photography fan then you will want to hit Khao San Road with your camera at the ready.

19. WAT PHRA KAEW – Another one of those highly photographed tourist places

Wat Phra Kaew is regarded as the most sacred and important Buddhist temple in the whole of Thailand. It is also known as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. You are not allowed to take photos inside the temple, but you can take a photo of this regal temple as a backdrop. Really stunning, especially if you capture the temple when the sky is beautiful. Very, very painterly.

20. GIANT SWING – The number one selfie spot in Bangkok

This religious structure situated in Phra Nakhon is another famous Bangkok landmark—a selfie is obligatory here. Just in front of Wat Suthat, you cannot miss the imposing towering red pillars. The Giant Swing was constructed in 1784, commissioned by King Rama. It stands at 21.15 meters and after its last renovation in 2004, the Giant Swing is now made entirely from golden teal—hand –carved and with paint undercoating and coating.

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