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The Flashpacker’s in Siem Reap

If you have visited Siem Reap you would have undoubtedly have your choice of the best hostels in Siem Reap to choose from, if you are interested in meeting Flashpackers and backpackers at an amazing hostel then why not stay with us, you can stay at The Mad Monkey which is a great budget hotel option, all in all we have over 150 beds available making us one of the larger hostel operations in Siem Reap and that makes for a great party and a great place to meet new people.


Some funky flashpackers chilling out at Mad Monkey Hostel
The Mad Monkey has an awesome pool, surrounded by its own beach bar and with a BBQ option running two to three times a week, the funnel acts as a 9ft beer bong, sometimes things get a little wild!


Flashpackers by the pool
Although the Mad Monkey Hostel has some amazing tour options available in Siem Reap, there are the days when our guests just want to pull up an oversized bean bag and chill out, enjoy a beer and top up on the Tan. Everyone knows that flashpackers should be sporting tans at all times.


Funkey Backpackers of Siem Reap
I don’t think we should have the discussion about Flashpacker Vs Backpacker, in our eyes everyone is welcome, it does not matter if you are a connected trendy flashy or a cash-strapped backy – from our perspective, everyone can come and join the fun afforded by the best party hostel in Siem Reap.


Flashpacker Travel
Flashpacker Adalah has said that the Mad Monkey is her favorite hostel in Siem Reap, Backpacker John is sitting next to her having a beer – see how well they can get on when they don’t have to play nasty!! They are having a great time, just hanging out in Cambodia and enjoying the country.


Flashpacker Hostels
Our guests tend to be arty types, most of them are between the ages of 18-35 and they are interested in hanging out with like minded friendly people that like to party.  The Mad Monkey has some great facilities, all over the hostel, you will see the amazing artwork and rooftop beach bar.


Funky Buddha Shrines


Funky Songs
On the top floor of the Mad Monkey Hostel in Siem Reap you will find a full-length beer pong tabled, the upstairs bar has sand on the floor and is decorated like a beach bar, its the only rooftop beach bar in Cambodia and its also one of the best bars in Siem Reap – find out more about Siem Reap Bars here.  Kicking out some of the best tunes day and night and with amazing parties scheduled every night of the week
 Funky Dineva Hostel Roof Bar
You can also sit out on this massive deck and gaze out over the rooftops of Siem Reap and watch the sunset, as you enjoy the hostel’s awesome rooftop bar.
You can reserve your room at The Mad Monkey Hostel simply by clicking on the top right hand side booking button.

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Mad Monkey is Southeast Asia’s leading hostel operator — born in Cambodia with more properties in Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Laos, and the Philippines. We pride ourselves in creating meaningful and sustainable travel experiences for our guests, whilst promoting socially responsible tourism.