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In the interests of transparency for all of our guests and friends that have supported us over the past quarter either by attending our events, staying at our hostels or donating to water well projects here is the summary of the Mad Monkey corporate social responsibility fund over the past quarter.
The report details what has been raised and how the money has been used.  Please feel free to share this information, please continue to tell your friends and fellow travelers and recommend our business if you are inclined to do so.
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MAD MONKEY CSR Report 3rd Quarter 2014

Water Well Donations
Mad Monkey Hostels has raised $10,350 in water well donations over the past three-month period. This has resulted in the building of 45 rural water wells that will provide clean water to up to 1800 people that were previously without a source for clean drinking water.
The administration costs for doing this were only PayPal fees of $322.18 which have been paid for by Mad Monkey Hostels in full.  Every $1 donated has resulted in $1 deployed into clean water projects.
All water well money raised has been deployed and is now working to build wells. All wells are built ensuring they are free of heavy metals or contamination.
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Crawl For School Pro Poor Education Event
Our regular Crawl for School event has generated $2171.00 during the period.  The administration costs for the event related only to the purchase of wristbands that are required to identify participants.
The total spent on wristbands over the quarter was $630.00. This provides us with enough wristbands for the next 5 months of operation, leaving a total of $1541.00 that has been deployed or retained.
Of the Crawl for school fund $254.20 was spent on education fees for Chen Kimphea, $23 was spent on Chen Kimphea books, $680 was spent on purchasing a T Shirt printing press for Rabbit School in order for them to generate further funding from the production and sale of printed tote bags and T Shirts, $100 was donated for emergency surgery for a Cambodian NGO worker that had a motorbike accident and was uninsured and without surgery could have lost the ability to walk.
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$772.33 remains in our CSR fund. $300 of this is currently allocated to fund badly needed school desks for Sala Monkey School in Kep, leaving a total of $472.33 which we will contribute together with further fundraising efforts to purchase two people carrier tuk tuks that will be donated to Sala Monkey School and Epic Arts.
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Collections at time of Booking
The Mad Monkey provides guests that book with us an opportunity to make a donation at the time of booking, for the period from 1st of July to the 30th of September was exactly $350.00.  This will be added to the $472.33 available Crawl for School funds, making $822.33 available to fund the purchase of two tuk tuks for Sala Monkey School and Epic Arts. The expected costs for the tuk tuks are $1500.00 each / $3000.00 in total and we hope to have these funds by the end of November 2014.
Arts Funding
The directors of The Mad Monkey also contributed $500.00 to Lightbox Cambodia to assist in the start-up development and costs to support the “Made in Cambodia” event which ran in September, this event generated funds that will be invested into the NGO Mayibuye Cambodia. The financial report detailing the funds generated will be released by Lightbox at a later date.
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Rural Library Projects
The Mad Monkey also funded two community rural library projects in partnership with Sala Monkey School Kep – the total deployed was $350.00
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CamboBabs Clean Water Project
The Mad Monkey held three consecutive events to help generate funds to deliver a clean water project for 200 kids attending CamboBabs free school in Kampot.  A total of $670.00 was raised and the directors of the business donated $410 shortfall in order to provide a UV clean water pump system to provide clean water for the school costing a total of $1080.00.  The school now has clean water for all children including the ability to take water home if required.
Interest Free Loans
The Mad Monkey provided an interest free loan of $250.00 to assist a poor family living in Phnom Penh with emergency housing after having lost their house, the family are now accommodated and doing well.
To add to this 23 interest free loans were provided to employees of The Mad Monkey over the period based on manageable repayments in from salaries.
Kids Play Parks
Mad Monkey donated $200 to build children’s play parks in Kampot, these are expected to be delivered over the next few months.
The Mad Monkey created a four new sustainable tour products over the period, tour products result in the capital generated being deployed directly into the villages and organizations that help provide the tour experience on a profits sharing basis.
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Staff Benefits and Internal Benefits

The Mad Monkey increased the number of Cambodians employed with fair pay and full benefits over the period due to the opening of the new Kampot property that increased PAX.
Of all management positions over 70% are filled with local Cambodian managers, 30% are filled with long term expatriate managers, that are committed to developing the skills of their Cambodian colleagues and that live and spend their salaries in the country.
Healthcare Payments
All members of staff that required health care payments were compensated under our own internal health care payment.  A total of $1123.00 was spent on staff healthcare over the quarterly period.  The Mad Monkey benefits package that includes maternity pay, time off, free accommodation and free travel for employee’s remains in effect.
Salary and Rates of Pay
The Mad Monkey continues to pay in excess of industry standard employment rates for all positions, and has increased average wages well in excess of the national inflation rate over the period, with 100% of employees receiving a pay increase over the past 12 months well in excess of the national rate of inflation.
Profits and growth
The Mad Monkey continues to deploy its operational profits into new socially responsible business investments; this is expected to include our first management contract that will result in a new budget hotel brand under our management that will generate further fair employment and capital to be invested in projects that directly benefit of the people of Cambodia.
The Mad Monkey is expected to further increase its socially responsible tour portfolio over the next quarterly period, by building profit sharing schemes with rural Cambodians that assist in the delivery of the tour, whilst the Mad Monkey effectively uses its customer base to increase the demand for ethical tour products.
The Mad Monkey continues to recycle all plastic, glass and cardboard waste generated by each business. Revenues generated from the sale of the waste to the recycling companies are split between every staff member in the business in order to maintain an active incentive for recycling.
The Mad Monkey continues to use energy-saving light fittings and A/C units, and maintains a light off policy when areas within the hostel are not in use.
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