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Pub Crawl – Vietnamese Experience

$200,000.00 per person

Every Tue, Thur and Sun
Join us and experience the best of the nightlife on offer in Hoi An.

$200,000.00 VIEW

Hoi An Bicycle Tour

$290,000.00 per person

Every day
Jump on a bike & discover some hidden gems of Hoi An with our awesome Tour Guides

$290,000.00 VIEW

Vietnamese Feast – Family Style Dinner

$200,000.00 per person

Every Sat
Indulge in Vietnamese Family Dining! Enjoy 14 dishes and the famous Rice Wine Shots!

$200,000.00 VIEW

Cham Island Snorkelling Experience

$1,200,000.00 per person

Experience snorkeling the clear waters of the Islands with experienced Tour Guides.

$1,200,000.00 VIEW

Hoi An Cooking Class

$570,000.00 per person

Every day
Learn to cook the traditional Vietnamese way and experience the local basket boats.

$570,000.00 VIEW