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The recent surge in popularity and accessibility of Cambodian tourism has been accompanied by an entrepreneurial spark across the nation. Today we’re going to sing the praises of 4 startups in Cambodia that are driving a welcome social change in their communities.
Cambodia is making incredible strides to put the tyranny of the Khmer Rouge regime behind it and focus on a sustainable and prosperous future. The recent blossoming of the startup scene is a key factor in this renewal.
startups in Cambodia

4 Startups In Cambodia Driving Social Change Through Innovation

At Mad Monkey, our goal from day one has been to help the local community develop and grow along with us. We’re currently running a number of initiatives to help bring this vision to light, which we’ll talk you through later.
First, let’s take you through these 4 other amazing startups that are changing Cambodia for the better…

Startups In Cambodia #1: Cleanbodia

Cleanbodia - Startups In Cambodia
Of these 4 startups in Cambodia, Cleanbodia is one of two that are focused on helping to rid the country of its treacherous rubbish problem.
This startup was pioneered and founded by Kai Kuramoto, a “clean freak” who envisaged the grimey hole that the country would end up in if someone didn’t introduce a solution to the increasing waste problem.
His ethical baby, Cleanbodia, is combating this problem by creating biodegradable bags made from the Southeast Asian root vegetable cassava.
So fresh, and so clean…
As opposed to plastic bags which seem to linger for eternity, Cleanbodia’s cassava bags disintegrate within 5 years. Still 1,852 days to many, but they are on the right track to a clean and shiny future.
A few words shared with us from the squeaky clean founder, Kai…
“Born out of a concern for the damage we’ve done to our one and only Earth, Cleanbodia was started as a way to bring eco-friendly ideas and solutions to Cambodia. We realize the amazing potential that Cambodians have to be a force of change for the environment not only in Southeast Asia but across the globe. We aim to help foster that change in a creative, dynamic, and sustainable way.”

For more info, visit the Cleanbodia website HERE.


Startups In Cambodia #2: EcoSense Cambodia

EcoSense - Startups In Cambodia

Image courtesy of business cambodia

Fighting the trash wars side by side with Cleanbodia is EcoSense Cambodia. EcoSense was set up by two French expats, Maxime Lescouer and Pierre Faiyre, who migrated over to Cambodia to help rid the nation of its mountains of trash.
EcoSense Cambodia was set up in 2015 and utilities natural resources, such as sugar cane, to create biodegradable food packaging. The startup is specifically targeting restaurants and other food suppliers, with the aim of defusing the waste war right at the the source.
Here, Maxime explains to us EcoSense’s vision for a cleaner Cambodia…
“With the strength of our commitment for Cambodia and its people, we aim, through the EcoSense Cambodia project, to provide a high quality biodegradable and compostable packaging alternative tailored to local needs and designed for professionals in the takeaway food industry.”

For more info, visit the EcoSense Cambodia website HERE.


Startups In Cambodia #3: Lucky Iron Fish

Above is a brief TEDx talk (in the grand scheme of things) which deep dives into the medicinal magic that Lucky Iron Fish are bringing to Cambodia.
Lucky Iron Fish was initially launched just in Cambodia, but has gone on to deliver its message at a global level. These little guys are swimming their way around the world to battle iron deficiency – a deficiency that can lead to the likes of anemia, impaired cognitive ability, and negative impacts on the physical development of children.
So so good, yet so simple…
One Lucky Fish can provide a family with up to 90% of its recommended daily iron intake for five years!
And all you have to do to reap these rewards is make sure that the Lucky Fish is inside the pot, bowl, or pan that you are cooking in. Simple.

For more info, visit the Lucky Iron Fish website HERE.


Startups In Cambodia #4: My Dream Home

My Dream Home - Startups in Cambodia

Image courtesy of asialife

Another one of our favourite startups in Cambodia, My Dream Home has been putting roofs over the heads of the less fortunate since 2014.
During his time spent living in Australia, MDH founder Kongngy Hav was inspired by the Australian architectural shift. After noticing many houses were now being built out of sustainable materials, the initial seed that grew to become MDH was planted.
Since then he has developed interlocking bricks that allow poor and middle-income Cambodian families to build eco-friendly and easily constructable housing.
Having now reached over 45 eco-friendly houses across Cambodia, here’s some words from the main man Kongngy himself…
“Everyone should be entitled to have access to a home which allows living and looking after their family. MDH’s main objective is to be one of the country’s leading providers of high-quality housing and real estate services. To reach this goal, the social business will go beyond producing bricks.”

For more info, visit the My Dream Home website HERE.

Startups In Cambodia: The Mad Monkey Community…

Walking hand in hand with these 4 startups and hopefully heaps more in the future, we’ve always made it our mission to have sustainable community development at the core of our business. Here are a few of our current initiatives…

Mad Monkey’s Clean Water Project

Currently in Cambodia, 50% to 60% of families living in rural areas do not have access to rural areas. To help rectify this farcical situation, we are raising funds to build water wells and water filters throughout rural Cambodia. Thankfully, this is all made possible via the support of our lovely guests and donors.

Mad Monkey’s Education Fund

Again, a shockingly low percentage of children have the financial resource or capability to have a full and proper education. Needless to say, this is hugely detrimental to their futures. At Mad Monkey we believe every day is a school day and every child deserves an education.
Our Education Fund supports local projects. These initiatives targeted at creating sustainable solutions to the problems that prevent children from learning.

For more information on the initiatives that we are running with the community please click HERE.


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