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At Mad Monkey, we pride ourselves in creating meaningful and sustainable travel experiences for our guests. Find out how we promote responsible travel to reshape the tourism industry into a mutually beneficial relationship for our guests, our team, and the local communities in which we are located.

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Ten years ago, three backpackers were taken by the charm of Cambodia and its people and found themselves continuously extending their stays. As they got to know the locals and discovered the underrated beauty of this often overlooked country, they were also faced with the immense poverty of Cambodia.

Wanting to contribute something positive and lasting to the community they had quickly learned to love, they had the idea to create a substantial and sustainable business that would help other travelers experience the wonders of this country. And thus, Mad Monkey was born and has quickly expanded since.

Ten years later, the Mad Monkey family finds itself in the midst of a global pandemic where likely, no other industry has been hit harder than budget tourism. It’s during this time that we’ve tested and taken a deeper look at our core values: Curiosity, Positivity, Courage, Sincerity and Family Spirit.

In the past decade, we’ve not only instilled these values into the Mad Monkey team, but we’ve used them to create meaningful and long lasting relationships with local organizations.

The purpose of every Mad Monkey hostel is to provide the best customer experience in the most sustainable way for the benefit of the customers, team members, and the communities where we are located.

Our ESG initiatives are driven by Mad Monkeys 5 core values.

Learn more.

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