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Corporate Social Responsibility Reports


Mad Monkey Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report | April – June 2019

The second quarter of 2019 fuelled energetic Mad Monkey teams across our hostels to continue their support for local community initiatives with innovative fundraising ideas & events & promoting awareness for Global Campaigns addressing social welfare issues and a peaceful and sustainable environment. In the Philippines, Boracay Island marked the first anniversary of its April 2018 closure & subsequent re-opening with events celebrating the ongoing rehabilitation of this world famous tourist destination. Mad Monkey Boracay was proud to host & promote events during this Sustainability Week themed “Love Boracay: Celebrate, Rehabilitate” to generate environmental awareness among residents, tourists and stakeholders.  With all hands on deck, the hostel holds to its commitment to maintaining a clean environment with regular clean ups on Bulabog Beach aided by our guests  as well as staff. Mad Monkey Boracay also created lively hostel events to continue its support of Balabeg Elementary School with proceeds adding to a fund for the purchase of school supplies and sporting equipment.   Celebrations for Easter Sunday in the Philippines saw Cebu City Mad Monkeys dressed as Easter bunnies and a big easter egg hunt for delighted children and families from Barangay Lorega In preparation for opening our newest hostel  Mad Monkey Siargao, our proud certified first aiders are now skilled and ready to provide assistance to our guests, fellow team members, locals & tourists during emergency situations: “Always First. Always Ready. Always There.”     And over at Mad Monkey Bangkok, 11 staff also completed their First Aid Training course which included  CPR training, regular first aid, snake bites, how to stop bleeding, first aid for  broken bones & heatstroke.      Our staff got to try out some practical CPR on a doll.     April 6 is the United Nations  International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, which recognizes the power of sport in promoting peace and erasing cultural barriers worldwide. For some years, Mad Monkey Hostels has been promoting comradery amongst our community members through sports. This year Mad Monkey teams helped in raising awareness of the positive contribution sports brings to the community. In the Philippines, Cebu City & Boracay hostels held pool parties and pool olympics, in Nacpan they held their own Beach Olympics. Over in Cambodia, Koh Rong Samloem island hostel rallied their guests for a mad day of “Pier Olympics & Beach Competition” 💪💪💪     In Cambodia, Mad Monkey Phnom Penh funds local teams so that more players can join and establish a sense of community. For further information, check out our full Sports Day feature here: & the football team’s website at Mad Monkey initiatives have included supporting improvements in children’s welfare, health and education. Mad Monkey Coogee Beach, Sydney holds weekly fundraising events for the benefit of Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation. Their fun trivia night, every Wednesday, draws up to 40 guests and the proceeds help fund new equipment, training for health professionals, art, music & play activities as well as groundbreaking research.   For more information: Mad Monkey Bangkok supports Peuan Peuan Project providing psycho-social support with essential services to children, youth and their families in Bangkok shelters.    Peuan Peuan has been working since 2006 in the government shelters in Thailand to provide services to children detained.  The services include: non-formal education, life skills, psycho-social counseling, hygiene education, translation and other activities to ensure their good mental health and rehabilitation during their time in the shelter.     In Phnom Penh, we are continuing our funding of a classroom for children aged 8-14 years for the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF).  Last quarter we…

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Mad Monkey CSR Quarterly Report | July – September 2018

Mad Monkey was founded based on principles of positively impacting the communities that we are engaged in. The core purpose behind every hostel is to provide the best customer service, in the most sustainable way, for the benefit of our guests and the local community. 2018 has been a busy and exciting year so far for the Mad Monkey team. With new hostels opening in Chiang Mai and Pai (Northern Thailand), Sydney (Australia) and with hostels about to open in Koh Phangan, Siargao and Cebu this year, we are delighted that we will be able to positively impact more local communities in our areas of operation. Our team has been experiencing hyper growth in many of our operating countries. As we have been building our new hostels, we have been working hard to ensure that each of our operating properties delivers on our company purpose. We have significantly increased our internal communications regarding our community activities at all levels of a rapidly growing business and we intend to improve and increase this with further CSR training for staff. Existing Mad Monkey CSR funded projects will continue into 2019 and we will be adding some new projects that will benefit from direct funding from our local operations. These projects meet our key requirements of being sustainable and having a positive impact on our local community in the fields of education, conservation, environment, arts, and social welfare in an effort to address some of the treatable root causes of poverty in our local communities. Most importantly, all of our projects are focused on delivering a local and measurable impact on the communities where Mad Monkey operates. This allows us to closely monitor the tangible impact that donated funds deliver. Each new hostel has partnered with a local community project and our teams will be offering a wide range of events to support our partner organizations with fundraising, donating time and promoting the work of our partners. We know that our biggest opportunity to make a big impact in our communities is as a responsible employer. Many of our team members start their careers at Mad Monkey with little formal education or lack English language skills. It’s important for us that we continue to support our team members with the opportunity to develop skills and careers through subsidized education, training, and mentoring at work. CSR activities have been taking place with the ChildSafe awareness training programs for staff across Cambodia and Thailand. As a ChildSafe Business Supporter, we understand the importance of equipping our team with the skills to identify and provide help to children at risk. Mad Monkey is also keenly aware of global issues and working hard to reduce our use of plastic and encourage recycling in our business. We have been actively recycling all of our plastic waste since our first opening, however, we intend to take further steps to try and eradicate all single-use plastics from our supply chain over the next twelve months. This has proven to be harder in practice than it may seem in theory. Plastic use is very common in Asia; it’s not unusual to have a purchase of chewing gum placed in a plastic bag in many retail outlets.  It has become clear that the first step will be to deliver training to our team regarding the impact of plastics to their environment. We have also been trialling solutions for replacing single-use plastics with limited success, and we are keenly monitoring the availability of sustainable one-time use products that will soon be available in Asia. To add to our internal efforts, our teams are also conducting…

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