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The 9 Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Cebu City, the Philippines

Is your Instagram feed a bit lackluster lately? Do you need some epic new snapshots to gain new followers and make your feed a more memorable one? Then look no further than venturing to Cebu City in the Philippines. This city has it all – from lookout points to temples…

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The Best Diving Spots on Coron Island, the Philippines

Coron Island is home to world-class dive destinations all around its coastline. The island is seemingly the perfect diving cocktail, with an adventurous combination of wreck dives (six fully intact ones, to be exact), unique lake dives, reef dives, and many more. It has even been dubbed by many as…

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10 Must-Visit Attractions on Coron Island

Stunning underwater shipwrecks, crystal clear lagoons, and pristine white sand beaches: these are just a few of the reasons why you need to visit Coron Island. This small archipelago is slowly but surely becoming more popular as it captures the hearts of all travelers who visit for many reasons. Located…

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Mad Monkey Presents at the 2020 Hostelworld Conference

Hostelworld, one of the largest online travel agencies in the accommodation business, hosted its annual conference this year from February 26-28 in Dublin, Ireland. Thousands of business owners flocked from around the world to this buzzing capital to see what the buzz was in hostels — and we surely received…

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A Transportation Guide to Coron: Manila to Coron & More

Coron is an island that anchors the northern half of Palawan, arguably one of the most beautiful islands in the country. The island has become a top destination in the Philippines, with many visitors traveling far and wide to explore this island’s stunning wreck dives submerged and scattered along the…

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