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Fun Scuba Diving Exploration

Every day
Pro divers, assemble at Gili T with Mad Monkey! Already a certified diving ace? Want to show off your skills and explore Gili T's underwater wonders? Look no further!

Mad Monkey's got the ultimate call of the wild for you:
Epic Dive Spots: We’re not just talking fish and coral – we’re talking shark selfies (well, kind of, please don't actually try to take a selfie with a shark).
Marine Magic: It's like your favourite underwater documentary, but you're the star – swim with Gili T's incredible marine life in their natural, un-Instagram-filtered glory.
So, grab your gear, and let's make some bubbles!"

Need to know info:

  • Meet at Blue Marlin Sat - Thu at 9:00 AM / 11:30 AM / 2:30 PM & Fri at 9:00 AM / 2:00 PM
    48 hours notice is required for online bookings
    Limited to 10 pax per session
  • Includes all equipment and experienced guide
  • Bring swimwear, money and food for lunch
  • Fully refundable 24+ hours from start time or if cancelled by Mad Monkey


  • Meet at Blue Marlin at the scheduled time 9:00 AM / 11:30 AM / 2:30 PM (Sat - Thu) & 9:00 AM / 2:00 PM (Fri)
  • Complete the paperwork and get all your equiptment sorted
  • Safety briefing at Blue Marlin
  • Head to the boat and cruise out to the dive spot
  • Spend up to one hour diving
  • Return to Blue Marlin



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TOTAL: Rp590,000