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PADI Advance Open Water Course

Every Day. 1 Days Theory deep dive, wreck dive, navigation, drift, night and more! with Jump into 5 dives for next day Want to Level up your skill and upgrading your certification? Advance Open water Course you don't want to miss,
New Technic, further ability and more deeper that you can dive. During this course, you will mainly be diving! Complete five adventure dives with the opportunity to try some of diving’s most rewarding and useful speciality activities, such as deep diving, underwater navigation, drift diving and much more. These varied skills will make diving much more than underwater sightseeing.

Need to know info:
  • Meet at Blue Marlin 8:30 AM until 1:30 PM
  • 48 hours notice is required for online bookings
  • Limited to 10 pax per day
  • Includes theory lesson, five ocean dives, all equipment, learning materials, experienced teachers, certification and dive computer for the course.
  • Fully refundable 24+ hours from start time or if cancelled by Mad Monkey.


  • Day 1: Deep Dive into Advanced Theory & Gear, Meet at the Blue Marlin at your scheduled booking time. Dive deep into advanced theory — think wreck dives, underwater navigation, drift diving, and deep dives. Plus, get savvy with advanced diving gear and dive computer usage
  • Day 2: The Big Splash — Open Sea Diving, Ready to jump from the boat into the open sea? Experience five epic dives. It's not just diving; it's upgrading your underwater creds!


TOTAL: $345.05