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Scuba Diving Refresher Course

Every day
Already a certified diver, but feeling like a fish out of water lately? It's time to get those gills wet again with our rip-roaring Refresher Diving Program in Gili T! What's on the agenda?

Splashy Theory Session: Think of it as a poolside chat, but way cooler. We're brushing up on the essentials with a side of fun - it's like your favourite pub quiz, but about diving!

Pool Playtime: Dive back into the pool to finesse those skills. It's like riding a bike, but underwater and way more thrilling!

Underwater Wonderland: Ready for the real deal? It's time to plunge into the ocean and rediscover the magic. You’ll be up close with the sea's dazzlers, making memories that’ll stick like barnacles.

Need to know info:
  • Meet at Blue Marlin at 8:30 AM until 1:30 PM (for Batch 1) / 11:00 AM until 4 pm(for Batch 2 )
  • Includes theory lesson, pool training, one dive in the sea, all equipment, and experienced teachers
  • Bring swimwear, money and food for lunch if cancelled by Mad Monkey
  • 48 hours notice is required for online bookings


  • Meet at Blue Marlin at the scheduled time
    8:00 AM (for Batch 1)
    10:30 AM (for Batch 2)
  • Complete the paperwork and get all your equiptment sorted
  • Safety briefing at Blue Marlin
  • Pool training lesson
  • Head to the boat and cruise out to the dive spot
  • Spend up to one hour diving
  • Return to Blue Marlin



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TOTAL: ₱3,425