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If you love to travel the world but hate the packing preparation, you have come to the right place. Mad Monkey knows how difficult it can be to pack a suitcase to prepare to go to a place you have never before visited. Take out all of the legwork and instead read our complete packing guide to Sydney, Australia!

What to pack for Sydney: the four seasons

Australia is home to four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. It is important to note when these are and pack your bag accordingly!

Australia packing list spring: (September-November)

Spring is arguably the best time to visit Sydney. Temperatures drop to about 12° Celcius during the evening and remain in the 20s during the day. This gorgeous weather makes it possible to explore the Sydney in its entirety without being either too hot or too cold. Shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, and a light jacket are the perfect clothing items to pack during this season.

Sydney Guide
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Australia packing list summer: (December-February)

Sydney is at its sunniest during the summer. Beach-lovers should definitely visit during this time, as it is the best season in which to lay out and catch some rays. Water temperatures rise during this time as well, making it the perfect season in which to enjoy the incredible beaches here. Those visitors who want to beat the heat can instead take advantage of all the indoor attractions found scattered throughout the city, including the many museums, art galleries, and the incredible Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. If you are traveling during this time, be sure to pack a swimsuit, shorts, tank tops, and, of course, a good pair of stylish sunnies!

Australia Guide
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Australia packing list autumn: (March-May)

Autumn is a great time to visit Sydney. Temperatures are mild and remain in the high teens and low 20s. It does get a bit chillier than summer and spring, of course, but it remains warm enough to be able to enjoy the city’s beaches, as well. It is best to pack items of clothing that are a bit warmer, including jeans, long-sleeve shirts, and a jacket or two to take on Sydney during this time.

Things to do in Sydney
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Australia packing list winter: (June-August)

Winter may be the coldest time of the year in Sydney, but temperatures still do not reach under about 10° Celcius, which is still warm by most people’s standards. Be wary that this is the season in which it is most likely to rain, so if you have room for a sturdy rain jacket, be sure to bring it. Even though it is winter time, you will still find people enjoying the beaches in wetsuits and participating in water sports, including surfing.

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Backpacking Australia packing list

Travel light

As with any trip, it is important to travel light before boarding your red-eye to the Outback. Australia generally remains pretty warm (depending on the time of year that you visit), which will make it easier to fit more clothes in your suitcase. Remember that toiletries can all be purchased upon arrival, which will help you avoid any charges correlating with the weight of your bag on your flight to Sydney, Australia!

Sydney attractions
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Essential things to take to Australia

Jackets and sweaters

It is important to pack a few light jackets before heading to Sydney. The evenings tend to be a bit chillier, so having something you can throw on for a night out is a necessity. Be sure to stay at a hostel that knows how to get the party started, as well!

Visit Australia
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Even in the summertime, a jacket is a necessity if you plan on taking the ferry. The Blue Mountains tend to get incredibly cold, as well. It is one of the only places in Australia that gets snow! If you plan on ever visiting these, be sure to pack some sort of jacket in order to avoid freezing your bum off.

Good walking shoes

Whether you are walking to the coolest shops in town or trekking the stunning coastal Bondi to Coogee trail, you are going to need to invest a good pair of walking shoes. We find that strappy sandals work best. They allow you to stay cool while exploring Sydney on foot. They can also oftentimes fit better in suitcases and are more compact for packing than tennis shoes, for example. If you are looking to put your walking shoes to work, check out these incredible walks you cannot miss out on trekking while visiting Sydney. Grab your thongs and get to walking!

  • Bondi to Coogee
  • Northhead
  • Anzac Bridge to Pyrmont Bridge
  • Manly to Spit
  • Circular Quay to Botanic Gardens
  • Royal National Park


What to do in Sydney
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Power adaptors

230 is the standard voltage in Australia, and the power sockets are of type I. Type I sockets are also used in New Zealand. Some appliances may not need a converter, but be sure to check before plugging in that blow dryer. Voltage converters for your appliances can be purchased online. The plugs in Australia have two metal pins that are flat and in a “V” shape. Some may contain a third one in the center. Visitors from New Zealand do not need to worry about purchasing any type of power adapters!

Swimsuit and a quick-dry towel

Sydney is home to an abundance of stunning beaches. Palm Beach, Bondi Beach, Coogee Beach: you will definitely be spending an afternoon or two sunbathing under the Sydney sun on some incredible stretches of sand. With that being said, nude beaches are not really a thing in Australia, so bringing a swimsuit is a must. Quick-dry towels are also incredibly convenient for those who want to take a quick dip and get back to exploring the incredible city of Sydney, and they are quite compact and fit well in your light luggage.

Australia tourism
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Speaking of swimsuits, one cannot wear one without first applying sunscreen! Keep your skin safe from Australia’s rays with a tube of sunscreen in tow. Whether you are taking to one of Sydney’s stunning beaches or simply exploring the city center, sunscreen is essential to prevent that horrific sunburn that will have you soon dubbed as “the human lobster.” Plus, vacations can be ruined with a casual third-degree burn on your chest from that time you ventured across the Sydney Harbour Bridge without sunscreen on, so be sure to lather up!

Places to visit in Sydney
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Underwater camera

One of Sydney’s greatest claims to fame is found just off its coastline: it’s incredible underwater scene. Manly is great for snorkeling, and visitors who explore under the sea are promised incredible, up close and personal interactions with Sydney’s diverse marine life. Cuttlefish, blue gropers, sea dragons: you never know what you are going to spot while swimming, and an underwater camera is a necessity if you want to remember all these incredible sights later on.

Things to do in Sydney Australia
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Australia travel apps

Navigate Australia like a pro with these helpful apps that will help you to get from Point A to Point B with ease!


TripGo is a free app that allows you to compare different forms of transportation and decide which one would work best for you. In addition to time and cost, it also allows you to compare carbon emissions of each type of transportation, allowing you to be the most socially responsible of travelers! The best part is, the app is free!

Arrivo Sydney

Arrivo Sydney provides visitors with the timetables of major forms of public transportation in Sydney. It even tells you whether or not certain forms of public transportation are wheelchair accessible, gives you information about buses, informs you what stations are coming up on your trip, and more.


TripView is available in both Sydney and Melbourne. It allows you to see public transport timetables right from your phone. The timetable can also be downloaded to your phone, so all of the information can be viewed offline, which is incredibly useful for those visitors who want to remain offline while visiting Sydney!

Sydney Tourist Attractions
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Tips for being more socially responsible in Sydney

As a socially responsible hostel, we are always finding ways that travelers can be more mindful of their adventure! Here are a few tips for you to make your trip more fun and, more importantly, better for the environment!

  • Pack your own straw (metal ones work great)
  • Bring your own water bottle
  • Pack a reusable shopping bag
  • Borrow and swap clothes as you travel instead of purchasing new ones
  • Buy and use more local products
  • Bring a Kindle or e-book
  • Support small businesses throughout your travels
  • Try to purchase toiletries in bulk
  • Pack biodegradable soap and shampoo


Australia trip
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What vaccinations do I need?

About a month before your trip, be sure that you have all of the vaccinations you need to travel to Australia. In addition to routine vaccines, the CDC recommends that visitors to Australia get Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccinations. Japanese Encephalitis is also recommended if you are traveling to more remote areas of Australia for longer than a month.

Australia travel guide
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Bats in Australia may also have Rabies, so it would not hurt to get this series of vaccinations, as well. This is really only recommended for travelers who are working with Australian wildlife or for those travelers who will be spending much of their time outdoors. Lastly, be sure to see if you need the Yellow Fever vaccination. You do not need it if you are coming from the U.S., for example, but countries where Yellow Fever is prevalent, travelers are required to have this vaccination before traveling to Australia.

Australian slang

Let Margot Robbie make understanding Australians a whole lot easier!


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