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It doesn’t matter what you call it: wanderlust, the travel bug, itchy feet – there’s something inside all of us that compels us to travel and see the world. Some of us seek a sunkissed adventure with fantasies of leaping into crystalline waters, lazing on soft sand, or a hike through lush greenery to a sprawling panoramic view. For others, it might be a nighttime stroll between towering skyscrapers, old architecture, or bustling market stalls. Whatever form it takes, there’s always an adventure waiting on the horizon. All you need is a little push, and we know just the right people to give it to you.
Here is PART 1 of our list of Instagram’s most inspiring travel accounts of 2019. Scroll on, and discover your next adventure!
Be sure to check out PART 2 (#51-100), PART 3 (#101-150) and PART 4 (#151-200)!

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#1 – @nomadasaurus

Award-Winning Travelers Turning Life into an Epic Adventure

Once upon a time in the summer of ‘08, then solo travelers, Alesha and Jarryd, met at a hostel in Vancouver. The rest was history. They fell in love, and over the next few years there came a slew of life-altering adventures: travels through Canada in their beloved van Latoya, treks through Central America, dives in Mexican cenotes, broken world records, motorbike journeys through Laos – and that’s only the beginning of the list. Today, these two nomads are award-winning travel writers and photographers, and they run Australia’s biggest adventure travel blog. For top-notch photography that’s sure to awaken your inner adventurer, give their page a follow. Learn more about them here!


#2 – @stokedfortravel

Seeing the World, Riding the Waves

If you’re a sucker for the sun, sea and surf life, then Chris’ blog is a must-follow. His photographs encompass all that is wonderful and uplifting about travel: the adrenaline rush, the friendly faces, unexplored corners, golden sunshine, and so much more. Chris’ adventure began back in 2009, and he’s never looked back. Today, he’s seen over 40 countries and 6 continents, with no intention to end the count there. With a decade of travel experience under his belt, he’s one to keep on your radar if you’re looking for helpful advice about your next trip. Learn more about him here!


#3 – @the_essentialist_

Life's a Beach with this Sunny, American Traveler

New York City girl Joanna claims she has always enjoyed exploring new places. This enthusiasm conveys itself well in her bright, sunny photo collection, brimming with beachy goodness and splashes of turquoise. Despite only beginning her page in 2017, she has proven herself a force to be reckoned with in the Instagram travel community. Follow her for photos that are confident, vibrant, energetic, and just the right amount of playful. Expect backdrops from gorgeous locations around the world including Hawaii, Bali, and Paris, to name a few. Keep up with her journey here!


#4 – @justapack1

Two New York Friends Falling in Wanderlust

After a few dates, Michael and Randi knew they would never be romantically compatible. A travel partnership, however, was a different story. And so they quit their jobs, packed their bags, and left New York City to embark on a long multi-city journey around the world. They haven’t looked back since. Today, they are full-time backpackers, traveling the world as free as a kite, and immersing themselves completely in new countries and cultures. And their friendship? It’s stronger than ever. They both believe strongly in responsible travel and support worldwide organizations that are committed to giving back to local communities. If you love photos of breathtaking architecture, foreign cityscapes, and nature, add them to your follow list. You can keep up with their journey here!


#5 – @travelseewrite

Chasing Offbeat Places and Untold Stories with India's Top Travel Blogger 

Archana Singh is one of India’s top travel influencers, and in 2018, she was recognized as the most awarded travel blogger in the entire country. But make no mistake, this esteemed travel journalist and public speaker is not just about the fab photos or adventure bucket list. Archana is deeply passionate and committed to issues such as female empowerment, responsible tourism, and the social inclusion of underprivileged communities. Her writing has also been featured in a number of global publications, such as the National Geographic, Food and Wine Magazine, and Outlook Traveller. There seems to be no end to Archana’s talents, passions, and accomplishments – so why not follow her page? Learn more about her work here.


#6 – @stchostels

Every Day is an Adventure at Europe's Best Party Hostels

Award-winning St. Christopher’s Inns are the top choice for fun-loving backpackers traveling through Europe. You’ll find their hostels in 10 lively cities across the continent including London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and many more. Each hostel is centrally located — a rare feature for budget accommodation — and connected to a Belushi’s Kitchen & Bar or a traditional British pub. If you’re looking for excellent service, top-notch security, and the best party hostels in all of Europe, then St. Christopher’s Inns are an easy choice. Book your stay with them here.


#7 – @intrepidintrovert

An Adventurer Finding Confidence Through Travel

For a unique spin on the travel experience, follow Hannah, the intrepid introvert. This New-Zealand born travel blogger is a full-confessed introvert who recognizes that you can be both adventurous and shy at the same time. She proudly believes that there’s nothing wrong with being an introvert — but that it shouldn’t hold you back from living life to the fullest. Her blog aims to help other shy folks find the confidence to pursue whatever makes them happy. Today, she travels full-time, reveling in new cultures and experiences. She and her fiancé, Nate, offer online courses on how others can pursue the same lifestyle. And if you’re an adventurous introvert in need of traveling tips, then her website is a must-read. Check Hannah’s website out here!


#8 – @finduslost

An American Travel Couple Getting Lost in the Big Wide World

Selena Taylor and her husband, Jacob, are the adventurous American couple behind Find Us Lost. In 2016, these two left their comfortable lives in Los Angeles to explore Europe and they immediately fell in love with the foreign cultures they encountered. These days, they travel full-time, immersing themselves completely in foreign landscapes. They have sought out new adventures in countries such as India, Mexico, and Greece. For beautifully toned shots of exotic locations, and two people truly in love with the world and each other, we highly recommend giving their account a follow. Follow their journey here!


#9 – @helloemilie

An Australian Traveler Taking You on a Magical Journey

Emilie Lula, who hails from Australia originally, taps into a side of travel that feels surreal. With a gift for capturing the beauty of nature, her Instagram is a wonderland of earth-tones and natural scenery from all over the world. She prefers to let the landscape do the talking and most photos capture her from a partially-obscured angle, enhancing the sense of being a spectator to a mystical journey. An extremely talented travel photographer, her photos are pure magic, capturing the enchantment even in seemingly ordinary things, and conveying the sense of getting beautifully lost. Expect to see Follow Emilie’s wanderings here.


#10 – @jarradseng

Australia's Most Fearless Artist and Traveler

Jarrad Seng is an Australian photographer, filmmaker, and creative director based in Perth, known for his artistic eye and—let’s admit it—his amazing hair. His spellbinding collection conveys a sense of dark beauty and truly communicates the powerful, looming forces of nature. He has been open about the crazy lengths he’s gone through to capture the perfect photograph, namely hanging out of open plane windows and hiking through caves for days on end. Worth it? Absolutely! His photos have been displayed in art exhibitions across the world and his work is frequently praised by other well-known travel influencers. Follow him for beautifully composed photos, adventurous shots, and intimate portraits that capture the mood of his current journey. Check out his stunning collection here.


#11 – @girleatworld

A Singaporean Wanderer Eating Her Way Around the World

Behind this quirky travel blog is Singapore-based Melissa Hie. In her colorful feed, you’ll find scrumptious delicacies and snacks from around the world, against a backdrop of their home cities. While she never quite makes an appearance in any of her photos, it’s difficult to not be charmed by the juxtaposition of food and city. A pretzel against the Brooklyn Bridge and macarons spotlighting against the Eiffel Tower – these are some of the many delightful images you can expect on Girl Eat World. Melissa’s work has also been featured in many travel publications over the years, including Vogue, Buzzfeed, and Lonely Planet. Check out her travel blog here!


#12 – @mycolourfulworld_

An Australian Travel Photographer Capturing Magic and Emotional Depth

Katie Purling has a colorful world, indeed. This Australian photographer fell in love with photography a few years ago and it has been a central part of her life ever since. Her Instagram page is a captivating array of earth and sunset tones, with splashes of turquoise-blue. Her photos convey a sense of motion. If you’re looking for an adventurer to live through vicariously, she’s your girl. She hopes to convey a sense of magic and emotional depth in her photographs, exploring a realm of beauty that goes beyond your average travel photo. Has she succeeded in transporting us to another realm? We think so! See more of Katie’s work here.


#13 – @globetrotting_gingertravel

A Flame-Haired Wayfarer Chasing Dreams and Helping You Plan Yours

Meet Aubrie Bell, also known as the Globetrotting Ginger. This Utah native is a full-time traveler whose account is a smorgasbord of vibrant colors, made all the more enticing by her flaming red hair. Her sunny disposition is bound to brighten up your feed, so we highly recommend giving her a follow. Aubrie is also a certified travel agent, so if you’re interested in holiday giveaways and irresistible travel deals, then you’ll absolutely want to keep her on your radar. She wants to help you plan your next dream adventure, and after a peek at what she can accomplish, we know you’ll want to let her! See more of her work here.


#14 – @chaiwalla

An English Wanderer with an Eye for the Extraordinary

Allan Hinton’s story is a fascinating one: many years ago, he quit his office job in London, sold all his possessions, and opened up a new life chapter devoted to travel and photography. Today, he is a full-time explorer, photographer, and content creator, capturing spellbinding moments all over the world. Follow him for gorgeously composed snapshots – foreign architecture, haunting nature, and intimate portraits of strangers with eyes full of stories. Truly an artist, he has a gift for finding beauty in seemingly ordinary corners of the earth. His photos capture a unique perspective of travel and they should not be missed. Learn more about Allan here.


#15 – @dirka

Seeing the World from a Different Perspective

For mindblowing drone shots, take a look at photographer Dirk Dallas’ page. His photos allow viewers a different experience of popular holiday destinations, demonstrating the beauty of various landscapes from an angle we don’t normally see the world at. His portfolio currently features shots from all over North America, as well as faraway places like Iceland and Bora-Bora. On his blog From Where I Drone, he also offers helpful tutorials for photographers who are interested in creating more cinematic drone photos. This talented photographer is based in Southern California with his wife and kids. He is a multi-talented individual and in addition to being a photographer, he is also a drone pilot, designer, and a professor of digital media. See more of his work here.


#16 – @maya_gypsy

A Guatemalan Globetrotter with Good Vibes and a Good Heart

For sunny, positive vibes that are bound to brighten up your feed, Maya Gypsy is a top contender. Adriana, who’s from Guatemala originally, is currently based in Australia. She claims she fell in love with the laid-back, anything-goes Australian attitude, and this ultimately catalyzed her move across the globe. Not only are her photos joy-inducing, but her socially conscious attitude is a true inspiration, and we think it deserves a highlight. According to Adriana, 5% of all profits made through Instagram are donated to a Guatemalan non-profit organization that helps children in high-risk areas. Why not support a fun-loving traveler with an infectious smile, genuinely trying to do good in the world? Follow her journey here!


#17 – @henryjimenz

A Talented Photographer Getting Up-Close and Personal, All Around the World

For intimate portraits from across the globe, take a look at photographer Henry Jimenez’s gorgeous collection. One fact is clear immediately: he has a fantastic gift for capturing genuine human connection, and the unique beauty of each human face. His earth-toned portfolio features attractive people from a number of international locations, including Mexico, Spain, and the United States. Based in Mexico City, Jimenez is a fashion, lifestyle and celebrity photographer. He claims that he is inspired by ‘love, sexiness, and freedom.’ With such immense talent for someone in their early 20s, watching his photography journey is bound to be inspiring. Check Henry’s work out here.


#18 – @carmenhuter

An Eco-Friendly Traveler Sending Love Letters to the Earth

Austrian-born adventurer Carmen Huter proudly claims that it is her mission to create more than she consumes. A lover and advocate of sustainable beauty and fashion, she feels a strong attunement to nature. Follow her for a stunning collection of photos that come across like a love letter to the earth and its creatures. She’s visited gorgeous locations such as Sri Lanka, Kenya, and Tanzania, to name a few, and perfectly captures the unique natural landscape of every country she visits. She’s currently based in New Zealand and works primarily as a professional travel photographer. Her goal is to inspire people to explore new places and learn more about themselves on the journey. Learn more about Carmen here.


#19 – @howfarfromhome

Quirky, Creative Travel Bloggers with Eye-Catching Compositions

Chanel and Stevo are the travel couple behind this masterpiece of a travel blog. Prior to beginning their life of travel, they worked regular nine-to-five jobs in advertising. After listening to a life-changing talk on the power of time off, they were both inspired to quit their jobs and seek out new experiences elsewhere. Together they started their brand, How Far From Home, and began following their shared dream of seeing the world. It has been many years since they booked that one-way ticket, and they’ve been to 47 countries and counting! Follow them for colorful, quirky, and creatively composed photos that are bound to ignite your wanderlust to the fullest extreme. Every photo is absolutely genius. See more of their work here!


#20 – @jasminealley

An Elegant Explorer Chasing Sunny Escapes

Follow photogenic Jasmine Alley for travel photos that achieve storybook-perfection, completed by her elegant and classically feminine style choice. Her crisp, vibrant photos are a feast for the eyes. Follow her if you love florals, fairytale vibes, or enjoy a hint of whimsy in your photography. She currently resides in Dallas, Texas, and even works a regular nine-to-five job, but this doesn’t stop her from satisfying her inner adventurer. She hopes to inspire others to seek new experiences and not be restricted by job limitations. If you’re interested in becoming a travel influencer, we highly recommend taking a peek at her blog, as she offers plenty of helpful resources on the subject. Learn more about Jasmine here.


#21 – @thewayfaress

A Free-Spirited Former Lawyer Lost in Foreign Landscapes 

Alexandra Saper is a Bali-based travel blogger from the United States. This former lawyer claims that her thirst for adventure began after a trip to Paris as a teenager. She immediately fell in love with foreign cultures, food, and sought total immersion in countries that were wildly different from her own. Today, she’s seen roughly 30 countries and counting. As the daughter of an artist, it comes naturally to her to find creative ways of expression, and this urge is particularly strong as she travels the world. This inherent creativity is immediately evident in her photos, which convey a stylish, bohemian vibe that we can’t get enough of. See more of Alexandra’s work here.


#22 – @worldwanderlust

An Inspiring Entrepreneur with an Adventurous Soul

Brooke Saward grew up on the Australian island of Tasmania. At twenty-years-old, she made her first solo trip to Paris and instantly fell in love with the nomadic life, beginning her wildly popular travel blog shortly after. However, her successes extend far beyond her internet following. A few years ago, she published her first book with Penguin Random House entitled World of Wanderlust, a coffee-table book meant to inspire others to make their next trip. Experiencing so many new cultures opened her eyes to brilliant business ideas. Inspired by them, she started three of her own businesses back home in Tasmania. Today, this highly impressive travel-blogger also runs a dessert shop, a wedding boutique, and a branding business. Follow her for travel photos that tell a story, with the occasional quirky caption or soul-searching commentary. Keep up with Brooke’s adventures here


#23 – @nomadicfare

A Nomad Designing Her Ideal Life

Wendy once worked as an art director and designer at some of the most prestigious design firms in New York City. Despite her fantastic job, she always wanted to see the world, and a brave decision eventually led to that dream becoming reality. She claims that her love and appreciation for culture stems from her experience of being Taiwanese in America. From an early age, she felt attuned to the greater world beyond and found herself continuously drawn to exploring it. Follow her for moments in faraway places, like Costa Rica and Tanzania, captured in rich color. Her art direction talents are certainly evident in her photo compositions. Follow Wendy here!


#24 – @tourdelust

A New-York Foodie Touring the World and Lusting for Adventure

Christine Tran is based in New York but she thirsts for adventures even beyond her great city. This self-proclaimed boba and matcha lover is a big foodie and this fact certainly makes itself known on her Instagram feed (pun not intended). Follow her for crisp, modern, and brightly-toned photos that convey her effortlessly stylish aura. Her classy confidence is bound to give you a mood boost, and all the inspiration you need to get out there and make the best of your day. Make sure to keep track of her blog if you’re looking for travel tips, itineraries, and hotel reviews. Her updates are an extremely helpful resource for people planning their next trip. Check out the Tour de Lust website here.


#25 – @melissafindley

An Australian Explorer Creating Art out of the World

The scope of Melissa Findley’s photography is vast. This Australian globetrotter and photographer can do nearly everything, it seems, whether it’s a powerful depiction of nature’s forces or an intimate portrait that speaks volumes beyond what is ordinary. Her photos are stunning, sharp, and equally as important, they are ever-evolving, capturing many facets of travel. She’s also a socially conscious traveler and has made remarkable contributions to various charities, namely by donating funds from print sales and volunteering with charity organizations in Asia. Follow her for photos that are as much a feast for the eyes as they are for the soul. See more of her work here!


#26 – @world_nate

A Fun Adventurer Grabbing Life by the Balls and Giving Life a Good Crack

Nate Buchan’s travel blog is easily one of the more charming ones out there. His photos are dynamic, sharp, but most importantly, they’re full of personality and just the right amount of silly. His sense of humor comes straight off the page, and this truly distinguishes him in a crowded marketplace. Nate initially planned on following in his father’s footsteps and taking on a plumbing apprenticeship. Swiftly he came to the realization that it was a life not for him. Despite struggling to find his purpose in life (something he claims he still feels) he took the plunge and followed his passions for travel and surfing. Today, he’s a full-time traveler with his lovely fiancé, Hannah (@intrepidintrovert) – who’s another force to be reckoned with in the travel community. Keep up with Nate’s adventures here!


#27 – @travelfreak

A Professional Adventurer Paving His Own Path

Jeremy Foster is the inspiring man behind Travel Freak and we know one thing for sure: he lives life on his own terms. He believes we should create our own opportunities instead of waiting for them, and that we need to devote our lives to our own dreams, instead of someone else’s. A self-described professional adventurer, Jeremy is one to follow if you’re looking for motivation to step outside your comfort zone and manifest the life you’re meant to live. On his website, he also offers helpful travel advice on everything from how to choose the best backpack for your trip, to how to save major bucks on flight tickets. You can learn more about Jeremy here!


#29 – @reneeroaming

An Australian Explorer Living for the Experience

Renee Hahnel is an Australian native who currently resides in Seattle with her fiancé. Before travel blogging, she’d always enjoyed exploring new places, writing in a journal, and taking photographs – but it wasn’t until 2015 that she realized she could make a serious career out of combining all these elements. It’s always difficult to get going, but this brave blogger overcame those initial anxieties, worked hard at improving her craft. Surely enough, she eventually paved the way for her own success. Her photos convey a sense of wonder and of being small in a vast, magnificent world. For photos that are consistently top-notch, give her a follow. She hopes to inspire travelers to live with intention and to place greater value in their experiences over their possessions. A message we can get behind. Follow Renee’s journey here!


#30 – @funforlouis

An English Travel Vlogger Living the Adventure

Louis Cole hails from Surrey in England, and as far as travel vloggers go, he’s easily one of the most well-known. While his initial rise to fame can be attributed to his food-eating stunts on YouTube, where he ate highly unusual and sometimes inedible food for entertainment, today he focuses on a different message. Louis is the founder of Live the Adventure, a talent, and media agency representing some of the world’s top travel and lifestyle influencers. With his help, influencers discover their voice and how to properly use it in the sometimes-chaotic world of social media. Louis certainly does not lack ambition, but while he’s had a number of successes, it’s worth mentioning that he is most well-known for his travel vlogs, where he documents his travels in great depth. Join his other two-million subscribers and follow him on a wild adventure that’s bound to keep you hooked. See his travel vlogs here.


#31 – @thecommonwanderer

Aussie Travelers Roaming Responsibly and Exploring Ethically

They might be common wanderers, but their photography is certainly something special. Mark and Mim are the Aussie adventurers behind this travel blog, and many years ago they left their comfortable lives to pursue something greater. It began with a one-way ticket to Singapore with nothing but a camera and the bags on their backs. Today, they’ve explored over 30 countries together, and have accumulated a heap of fantastic stories to tell. They’ve explored ancient jungles in Cambodia, seen the African savannah, and hiked the Himalayas in Nepal – and have the photos to show for it. Follow them for photos that are artistically composed, filled with stories, and rich with earth tones. Keep up with their journey here!


#32 – @jasoncharleshill

Creating Windows Into Wild, New Worlds

For nature photography that tells a story, you’ll want to keep Jason Charles Hill on your radar. This Australian photographer is a true master of his craft and each image is a world of its own, creating fascinating contrasts of light and shadow. He aims to document the wild, unknown parts of the world, and this has led him to explore a number of off-beat places. His collection features photos from all across the globe, in far-reaching areas like the Arctic, New Zealand, Iceland, and others not quite as mysterious to most of us. If you’re a fan of landscape photography, then a follow is an absolute must. Learn more about him here.


#33 – @bemytravelmuse

Travel Solo, Travel Adventurously

The inspiring globetrotter behind Be My Travel Muse is Kristin Addis from Southern California. She remembers her young self as a dreamer and an artist, but like many people, she chose to suppress this side of herself in adulthood, opting for a stable job with minimal risks. Unlike most people, however, this former investment banker made a change. Since her major life shift in 2012, she’s hiked some of the most scenic trails in the world, hitchhiked solo across China, and embarked on a safari trip in Africa that lasted over a month. Her blog hopes to help travelers turn their trip into a life-changing experience. Passionate about female empowerment, she also aims to be a guiding light for other women who are interested in chasing their dream journey solo. Learn more about Kristin here!


#34 – @frauki

An Adventurer Born for the Great Outdoors

It’s not simply a vacation that Frauke Hameister craves, but total immersion in the great outdoors. Camping in the mountains, the warmth of a campfire and road trips with friends; these are some of the many activities that complete an adventure for her. This Germany-born traveler claims her love for the outdoors began when she first moved to Canada, and even now that she’s returned to Germany, she continues to chase the same experiences. Her photos feature striking and serene natural landscapes in countries such as Switzerland, Austria, and Scotland. Follow her for photos that fully convey the adventurous nature of the great outdoors, but steeped in fog, mysticism and featuring the occasional adorable pup. See more of her work here!


#35 – @heykelseyj

A Californian Traveler Lost in an Earthly Wonderland

Kelsey Johnson, known on her blog as the Adventure Ginger, is a travel photographer from San Francisco, California. As a child, the story of Alice in Wonderland captivated her and she fell in love with the idea of a magical world unlike our own. Today, she feels the closest thing that exists to the discovery of wonderland is travel to the faraway places just outside our peripheries. Kelsey believes that her true gift lies in capturing interactions between people and their environment. This is evident in her Instagram collection. Follow her for magical landscapes and stunning snapshots of a girl lost in an earthy wonderland. See more Kelsey’s blog here.


#36 – @travel_leap

Travel Journalists with Open Hearts and Sustainable Souls

Anastasia and Jean-Pierre are Bali-based travel journalists and photographers with a passion for sustainable travel and living. Hailing from Italy and South Africa, the pair met in 2012 and immediately found a shared love for adventure and travel in each other. After 10 years of regular nine-to-five work lives, they both quit their respective jobs and bought a one-way ticket to Chile. Through words and photos, they hope to make everyone else fall in love with the world as they see it – and equally as important, they hope to inspire others to live openly and sustainably. See their work here!


#37 – @alongdustyroads

Finding Hidden Beauties Along Dusty Roads

Andrew and Emily believe in the value of slow travel; to truly experience a new culture or country, you can’t just pass through and snap photos of its best parts, you must immerse yourself in it, and get to know it as you would a new friend. They’ve always been passionate about travel and photography, but neither of them predicted they’d have the life they lead today. What was the catalyst? According to them, ‘a rain-soaked and gin-fuelled evening in East London,’ which eventually led to a one-way flight to Mexico. Andrew and Emily have a knack for capturing the easily-overlooked and interacting creatively with their surroundings, spotting the hidden beauties unnoticed by everyone else. See more of their work here.


#38 – @_marcelsiebert

Travel Photography with Magic and Mood

There’s no doubt about it, Marcel Siebert’s photographs belong in a dark, beautiful fairytale. They are dreamlike, moody, and nothing short of magical. Each image seems out-of-this-world, like windows into a realm that can only be imagined. He’s a self-taught photographer, a fan of weekend hikes, and a nature lover. Despite his young age, his work already displays the mastery that it takes many decades to learn. If you’re at all intrigued by a sense of magic, mysticism, or at all drawn to darker earth tones, powerful landscapes, then we highly recommend following Marcel’s journey. Check out his Instagram page here.


#39 – @amyseder

An LA Adventurer Visiting Faraway Lands In Style

Amy Seder is based in Los Angeles, and she is one-half of the travel website Away Lands. For travel and style photos that look like they belong in glossy print, we highly recommend giving her a follow. She and her fiancé, Brandon Burley, embarked on a life of travel and adventure when they realized they were dissatisfied with their jobs. Realizing they were only living to make it to their next vacation, the next step seemed obvious. They’ve been traveling the world together since 2016, combining their talents for photography and filmmaking. Inspired by her story? Follow her journey here!


#40 – @erubes1

A Californian Photographer Leaving Sandprints and Chasing Sunsets

Eric Rubens is a Southern Californian photographer and videographer with a serious case of wanderlust, especially for his home state. He travels the globe, living by the philosophy that one should live every day like it’s their last. His romance with photography began long ago, snapping photos only for fun, and out of pure love for a good sunset. Follow him for crisp, stunning photographs of nature, as well as some of the most breathtaking sunset shots you’ll ever see. He has worked with a number of big brands, including Disney, Adobe, and Coachella, to name a few, and it’s no wonder at all how he’s developed such a large following. Keep up with Eric’s journey here!


#41 – @trustedtravelgirl

An American Solo Traveler Seeing the World as a Local, Not a Tourist

Valerie Joy Wilson is a multi-faceted adventurer. Not only does this solo traveler have a successful travel blog, but she’s also a journalist and travel host. Born in Saratoga Springs, New York, she now travels full-time and her blog features a vast range of countries, including Japan, Poland, Thailand, and many others. She believes that travelers should try to experience the world like a local, and less like a tourist. One of her current ambitions is to start her own travel series so she can share her many wanderings with a wider audience. Follow her for sunny photos, helpful travel tips, entertaining videos, and the occasional personal story. See more of Valerie’s work here.


#42 – @everchanginghorizon

A Southern Californian Feeling Alive through Photography

If Quin Schrok’s photography doesn’t stir wanderlust in you, then we don’t know what will. This Southern Californian lifestyle and adventure photographer captures natural sights that are off the beaten path, and nothing short of awe-striking. Quin claims his sense of childlike wonder and awe at the world never quite diminished as he aged – and for this, we are glad. Through his lens, the world seems filled with portals – doorways to corners of the earth you might not have noticed before. His photos are vibrant, uniquely composed, and full of so much life it almost breathes. Learn more about Quin here.


#43 – @asasteinars

An Icelandic Explorer Capturing Haunting, Dreamy Landscapes

For icy landscapes, rushing waterfalls, and other gems of the natural world, Asa Steinars from Iceland raises a strong game. This engineering graduate has come a long way from just dreaming about travel; she’s now seen 50 countries, including faraway places like Mongolia, Iran, and Myanmar. Since returning home from journeying through Asia, she claims to have rediscovered her love for Iceland and it’s unparalleled landscape. These days she can be found hiking through the highlands of her home country, capturing its otherworldly beauty in its many forms. Follow her to experience the magic of the natural world as she sees it, in Iceland and beyond. Follow her journey here!


#44 – @airpixels

A Swede Capturing the Aerial, Alien, and Otherworldly

The artist behind Air Pixels Media is Tobias Hägg, a Swedish photographer whose drone photography is likely to unhinge your jaw. Expect top-down views of some of the world’s strangest locations, resulting in alien landscapes like snapshots from Mars. Tobias’ photographs are like windows into alternate dimensions, though they feature completely Earthbound places like Iceland, Italy, and Namibia. His work is available for purchase on his website and is printed on fine art paper. Be warned, however – scrolling through his Instagram page might make you unable to resist that purchase. See more of his work here!


#45 – @ryan_domenico

A Wanderer Capturing the Wildness of the World
Ryan De Dominicis is a freelance photographer based in New Zealand. He claims the value of travel and exploration was deeply instilled in him, at an early age, when his family frequently went on camping trips around Europe. The beauty of the natural world has always enthralled him, and today it is a major source of inspiration for his creative works. His photo collection is a rich mosaic of natural landscapes, gorgeous greenery, and other snapshots that perfectly encapsulate the freedom of travel. See more of his work here.


#46 – @vancitywild

The Family of West Coast Adventurers

Brie, Reuben, and their little son Oliver are the Canadian family behind Vancity Wild. These self-proclaimed wilderness wanderers feel they’re their best selves when they’re outdoors, whether it means they’re climbing a mountain, following a hiking trail, or swimming in a glacial lake. Drawn to each other through a mutual love for travel, Brie and Reuben have now instilled this same love for the wild in their son, who accompanies them on every single adventure. If you’re looking for travel tips or hiking trails in North America, then their website is a must-have resource. See more of what they do here!


#47 – @rusticbones

A Free Spirit Meant to Roam

Jessica Bubb is a self-proclaimed free spirit who is fueled by her love for photography, travel, nature, and fashion. She’s based in Colorado, but as you’d expect, her wanderlust necessitates frequent travel and communing with nature, so she often finds herself lost in a new corner of the wild world. For photos that are unapologetically bohemian and a true celebration of the freedom of travel, we highly recommend giving her page a follow. Her account features some of the USA’s most magical nature sights, as well as snapshots from wanderings through Canada. Follow her journey here!


#48 – @eventyr

A Norwegian Photographer Capturing the Great, Dark Earth

Even Tryggstrand has an innate gift for capturing the looming forces of the earth. His landscape photography brings to mind a playground for the gods, with colossal mountains, steep cliffs, dark oceans, and dreamy skies. This Norwegian BBC Earth photographer is another leading figure in Instagram’s landscape photography scene and a scroll through his stunning collection will have you itching to click that ‘Follow’ button. His specialty is capturing the Northern lights, and his past projects have involved brands like Red Bull, Toyota, and Adidas. Check out his Instagram page here.


#49 – @gypsea_lust

Get 'Wander-fully Lost' with one of Instagram's Top Travel Influencers

Australian native Lauren Bullen is easily one of Instagram’s most successful travel influencers. She lives the life many only dream of, jet-setting across the world with her partner Jack (@DoYouTravel). Together they create pristine, glamorous imagery, a major source of inspiration for many budding influencers today. Lauren and Jack are based in Bali these days, where they enjoy the laid-back, tropical lifestyle with its many health cafes and gorgeous rice fields. Expect striking travel photos from all over the world, in places like Santorini, Bora Bora, and Jaipur. Follow her for her fantastic sense of style, and travel photos that are consistently top-quality. Learn more about her here.


#50 – @marisahampe

A Photographer, Traveler, Model Creating Masterpieces in the Missing Spaces

Berlin-based Marisa Hampe describes herself as an adventurous poser – but we’d give her far more credit than that. Marisa’s eye for beauty, superb modeling talent, and photo compositions are nothing short of jaw-dropping, and we can assure you they’ll beautify your feed. The level of artistry in her photography makes the term ‘travel influencer’ seem flat. She takes travel photography to another realm. It’s deep, it’s real, it’s raw but full of energy and wonder, all the same. Her collection features photos from Morocco, Vietnam, and Portugal, and somehow, she looks perfectly at home against each backdrop, no matter how foreign. See more of her work here.


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