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We hope you brought your appetites with you travelers and travelettes, we’re going to be taking you on the ultimate banqueting trip around the creme de la creme of Battambang restaurants.
Rice rice baby…
It’s no surprise that the Battambang restaurants are continuing to lure hungry travelers from all around the world. Heralded as the rice bowl of Cambodia, Battambang has always had the foodie scene at its epicentre.
Hence why we’re lucky enough to introduce you to these mighty fine munching establishments today. Cue the applause…
Battambang Restaurants

Battambang Restaurants – Ultimate Foodie Hit List

Our traveling tummies have been put to the test gorging themselves on all the best munchies that the Battambang restaurants have to offer.
Having whittled away the fat, what remains is the ultimate list of the 8 best places to eat in Battambang.
All of these restaurants are very reasonably priced and won’t even come close to ransacking the backpacking budget purse strings. Got to reserve those mojito moneys after all!
Strap on a feedbag ladies and gents. We’re following Emma Stone straight into Cambodian delicacy foodie La La Land…
Battambang Restaurants - Where To Eat In Battambang

Best Battambang Restaurants 2017


Jaan Bai Battambang

Street 2 in next to Psar Nat, Krong Battambang, Cambodia – VIEW MAP
Battambang Restaurants Jaan Bai

Munchies snap courtesy of tripadvisor

Following in the footsteps of the city itself, Jaan Bai Battambang literally means ‘rice bowl’. Although as you can see from the photo above, what you’ll be chowing down on is certainly more vibrant than a mere bowl of rice.
Jaan Bai Battambang is a social-enterprise fusion diner. It’s at the top of the pile for multiple reasons…
Firstly, the social enterprise element. This Battambang restaurant is run by the awesome Cambodian Children’s Trust. The CCT utilizes this space to help provide vital and vocational hospitality training for the younger generation of Cambodia. Kudos.
Secondly, the majority of ingredients are locally sourced from the restaurant’s own farm. Top notch quality control and ingredients that ooze freshness.
Thirdly (we could go on…), the contemporary Khmer menu is spectacular. The banana flower chicken and coconut braised beef… Say no more!

Cafe Eden Battambang

Rd No 1, Krong Battambang, Cambodia – VIEW MAP

Whether it’s because you’re feeling homesick, or because you’re reeling from the night before, sometimes there’s nothing like a bit of comforting, stodgy food.
If your stomach is falling into the hunger category, please form an orderly queue outside Cafe Eden Battambang…
The way they whip up enormous portions of hearty American style dishes makes this one of our favourite Battambang restaurants.
A righteous rotisserie…
Cafe Eden Battambang also gives back. The restaurant is run by a group of Christian missionaries that gift the profits to development in the local community.
Menu hint – if you’re going there bright and early, try the Eggs Benedict. Otherwise, wrap your mouth around that Philly Cheesesteak.

Monorom Garden

Krong Battambang, Cambodia – VIEW MAP
Now, we’ve been giving a lot of shout outs to the meaty dishes so far. Don’t worry, all the restaurants have vegetarian options. However, if you don’t want those meat juices anywhere near your aubergines, here’s an out and out veggie spot just for you.
This is the best of all vegetarian Battambang restaurants. Previously known as Mercy House, the restaurants has moved away from the merciful movement to become the glorious Monorom Garden.
With a broad Asian menu offering everything vegetarian from Japanese teppanyaki to Cambodian lok lak, this is a ‘meat-free’ lover’s edible mecca.

Lasa Casa Battambang

Street 115, Krong Battambang, Cambodia – VIEW MAP
Battambang Restaurants - La Casa Battambang

Munchies snap courtesy of avolifts

No foodie destination is complete without a good ol’ fashioned pizza, just like the nanas of Sicily used to make.
Luckily, you pizza fiends won’t be left wanting while cruising Battambang’s restaurants. La Casa Battambang is whirling up some real doughy goodness that’s got your name stonebaked all over it.
This Italian export is perched in a warming street-side setting that more than compliments the intriguing food selection.
Did someone say Tom Yum pizza?
If so, you’re right on the money. This is the only Tom Yum pizza that we stumbled across on our Asian foodie tour. Not only that, but they also offer their spectacular thin crust pizzas with an array of other innovative toppings (including Cambodia’s famous lok lak!).
Mama Mia! Get yourselves over to the best of the Italian Battambang restaurants.

The River

Street 115, Krong Battambang, Cambodia
Battambang Restaurants - The River Battambang

Munchies snap courtesy of tripadvisor

All you poker players will be wanting to go all in on this River. It’s always Win-Win-Win-Win.
Win #1: Stunning location right on the banks of the Sangker River. This is an ideal spot for a sensual sundowner session on the cocktails.
Win #2: All day long baby! The river is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So whenever the munchies decide to manifest themselves, this little establishment has got your back.
Win #3: Not only are their Khmer and Western dishes scrumdiddlyumptious, but they are also incredibly inexpensive. You’ll be getting a hearty plate of delicious grub for between $2 and $4.
Win #4: It’s always nice to have little drink with dinner. It’s even nicer when that drink is a freshly poured draught beer. And it’s EVEN nicer when that draught beer only costs $0.50. That niceness is right here at The River.

Choco L’Art Cafe Battambang

Street 117, Krong Battambang, Cambodia – VIEW MAP
Battambang Restaurants - Choco L'Art Cafe Battambang

Munchies snap courtesy of tripadvisor

Combining two very prominent parts of Cambodian culture, Choco L’Art Cafe Battambang is a beautiful fusion of both local art and French comfort foods. Fittingly, the Cafe is owned and run by a Cambodian painter Ke and his other half Soline, who’s French.
Together, Ke and Soline have pieced together a simple but glorious menu that’s star studded with French desserts. The headline act can only be granted to the one and only Chocolate Mousse in Battambang, Mesmerizing scenes.
This joint is also highly regarded among the local foodie folk for its fresh homemade bread, which greets all those who arrive with its heartwarming aroma.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner and a show…
This is one of two Battambang restaurants we’ve chosen that doubles up as an art gallery, with intriguing pieces from local artists adorning the walls. Get lucky and they might even have some live music to accompany that choco mousse.

Lan Chov Khorko Miteanh

145, Krong Battambang, Cambodia – VIEW MAP
You’ve got absolutely no reason not be popping in for a quick noodle pit stop at Lan Chov Khorko Miteanh. No questions asked with a small yet perfect menu of freshly-made noodles, dumplings, and some pretty naughty soups.
We certainly recommend you quacking the foodie code with one of their super secret duck soups. Truly quacking stuff.
Cheap and cheerful…
This is just about the cheapest of our Battambang restaurants hit list. A whole bowl of noodle soup for $1.50!
Quack the code…
This place can be a bit tricky to find, especially if your Google map skills are lagging). If you need a nudge in the right direction, Lan Chov Khorko Miteanh is sometimes referred to as ‘Chinese Noodle’. Go forth noodle nerds.

The Lonely Tree Cafe

No. 56, Street 2.5, Krong Battambang, Cambodia – VIEW MAP
Battambang Restaurants - the lonely tree cafe
We’ll start and finish this hit list on the same note: with an establishment that not only provides a great eating occasion, but also gives back to the local community in a big way.
The Lonely Tree Cafe is a social enterprise that utilizes the benefits of business to help drive local development and growth.
Hiring close to home…
The cafe’s aim is to provide jobs as many of the local disadvantaged youth as possible. You will of course have the opportunity enjoy some lovely tapas style dishes, but also to peruse local arts and crafts that are usually crafted by local people with disabilities.
It’s a very warming environment – picture open brick walls and a terrace hovering above the hustle of the streets. A righteous establishment, pushing a worthy cause, in a beautiful way.

Battambang Restaurants – Ultimate Foodie Hitlist

Right, so there it is. A break down of the 8 Battamabang restaurants you need to hit up to keep food envy at bay.
If you’re looking for a cheeky snack between restaurants, there are also a ton of street food stands that’ll chef you up some great noodle dishes and other local delicacies.
Save room for dessert…
Heading off into the night? Be sure to check out our ‘Battambang Nightlife‘ piece to make sure you don’t miss out on the best parties in town!

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