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Known for its great surfing conditions, Indonesia draws surfers from around the world eager to catch some waves in paradise. Many just visit Bali leaving Lombok overlooked, but its southern coastline is home to some of the best surf spots on even more beautiful and much less crowded beaches. 
Lombok is about the same size as Bali, but with over a million fewer residents and a fraction of the tourists. Still quite undeveloped, South Lombok offers a much more relaxing stay with smaller towns and picturesque landscapes. Big, rolling hills lush with green jungle forests meet small white sand cove beaches with clean, clear, blue water.

Selong Belanak, Lombok Courtesy of Alex Rottler/Mad Monkey

Not only are the beaches more beautiful, but they are never crowded, and it is not uncommon to stumble upon hidden beaches and have them all to yourself for a few hours. Even the most popular beaches have the feel of the least crowded beaches on Bali.
From first time surfers to the best in the world, South Lombok has waves for everyone to get excited about. The diverse surf spots offer both beach and reef breaks, and bays with over five different breaks. Some spots are right off the beach while others require a ride on a local boat to bring you out to the break
Here is a breakdown of the best surf spots in South Lombok for different skill levels.
Gerupuk, Lombok Courtesy of Alex Rottler/Mad Monkey



With four different areas in one bay, Gerupuk is often known as the best overall surf spot on Lombok. It is the perfect place for beginners with friendly waves in some places, and has stronger waves and barrels for the experts in other areas. Locals offer board rentals, lessons, and boat rides out to each of the breaks for convenient access.

Gerupuk, Lombok Courtesy of Alex Rottler/Mad Monkey

Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate
Gerupuk Inside is most popular for beginners and some intermediate surfers. The waves have a mellow takeoff and long rides and are good at any tide. It has a reef break and is best on days without wind.
Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced
These waves are both faster and more powerful with multiple peaks. Gerupuk Outside is definitely not for beginners.
Don Don
Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate
Don Don is an A-frame reef break in the middle of the bay. Mid tide is the best time to surf. Its mellow takeoff is followed by long walls making it a fun wave to surf.
Kiddies Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate
Kiddies only breaks on big swells, but has a nice shape wave rippable the whole way. If you have the right conditions you can even get nicely shaped barrels.
Selong Belanak, Lombok Courtesy of Alex Rottler/Mad Monkey

Selong Belanak

Difficulty: Beginner
Selong Belanak offers the perfect wave for beginners. The surf is consistent, year-round, and surfable on any tide, although high tide is best. The sand bottom has little to no hazards complementing the soft waves which together provide a safe learning environment. Selong Belanak is one of the most popular beaches near Kuta Lombok with a handful of local restaurants and surf stands offering lessons and boards for hire.
If you are a first-timer, take a lesson from a local to get you started. They will provide you with instruction on the beach before taking you out to the water and coaching you through catching waves and learning to stand up. By the end of the lesson, you will have a solid grasp on surfing (along with arms tired from all that paddling!).

Mawi Beach Courtesy of Alex Rottler/Mad Monkey


Difficulty: Intermediate + Up
Through the dry season, Mawi has the most consistent surf on the island. Surfable at any tide, with medium being the best tide to surf. Low tide can be more dangerous because of the shallow and sharp reef. The small cove beach is one of Lombok’s many beautiful beaches and it typically stays quiet. Do note that the road to get there can be tricky to navigate and should not be tried by first-time riders.

Are Guling Courtesy of Shutterstock

Are Guling

Are Guling is a beautiful bay just west out of Kuta with a right and left, both good for intermediate and advanced surfers. The bay is surrounded by a valley providing beautiful views when driving down the hills to the water.
Difficulty: Intermediate + Up
Are Guling Right usually has fewer surfers than other areas in South Lombok and rarely gets crowded, even during perfect conditions. Just a 10-minute paddle out, the wave is a right point break with an easy takeoff.
Difficulty: Intermediate + Up
The left is a less popular spot than the right. The break on the left is short and hollow over a self of reef that is dry on low tides. It is a bit further out and can have unpredictable heavy currents.

Seger Courtesy of Alex Rottler/Mad Monkey


Difficulty: Intermediate + Up
Only a 10-minute scooter ride, Segar is one of the closest waves to Kuta Lombok and it is an easy paddle out from the beach. As long as there is little wind, the surf is very consistent here and there is some opportunity for time in the barrel as well under the best conditions. Make sure to be aware of the reef which can be quite shallow on lower tides with exposed rock and sea urchins.

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay


Ekas is known for its surf conditions for surfers of all levels to enjoy with its inside and outside breaks. A two-hour drive from Kuta, the surf is well worth the trip to the southeast corner of the island. Make a full day trip out of it to enjoy the surf, viewpoints, and waterfalls all in the same day! It is also possible to make the 40-minute drive to Awang and a quick 15-minute boat ride over to Ekas.
Difficulty: Beginner + Up
Better for beginner and intermediate surfers, Ekas inside has a nice mellow A-frame wave. The inside break typically does not get too crowded. It is best during dry season and medium tide.
Difficulty: Intermediate + Up
Ekas outside is a steep, heavy and hollow wave better for intermediate surfers and up. The best breaks are on high tide.

Desert Point Courtesy of Shutterstock

Desert Point

Difficulty: Advanced + up
Desert Point is known as having one of the best waves in the southern hemisphere, and even the world at its best. It does, however, have its fair share of hazards including strong currents, sharp reef, and dry sections of reef as well. The surf is also quite inconsistent, but when conditions are just right the waves are unbelievable. With the hazards and large swell, Desert Point is for advanced surfers only. The long, mesmerizing barrels during perfect conditions get all of the best surfers excited.

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay


Difficulty: Advanced
As one of the lesser-known surf spots on Lombok, Sereweh has fun waves that are typically at their best when the rest of the surf spots on the island are flat. Sereweh is for advanced surfers only as it can be hard to get to and has open ocean currents. To get out to the surf, hiring a boat from Awang is the best option as if the conditions aren’t good enough by boat then making the drive will not be worth it. Best around mid tide, this reef break’s consistent surf is a must ride.

Selong Belanak, Lombok Courtesy of Alex Rottler/Mad Monkey

Whether you are an advanced surfer chasing the best waves, or on holiday wanting to give surfing a try, South Lombok is a must-visit area. The up and coming town of Kuta Lombok is the most central area to stay to reach all the best surf spots and other adventure activities in the area. Kuta Lombok also has delicious restaurants and many options for accommodation including a brand new Mad Monkey opening soon.
A new MotoGP circuit is being built in the area which has put the town that is relatively new to tourism on the map. Plan your trip to Kuta Lombok soon before the crowds get bigger to enjoy the still quiet, pristine beaches, beautiful scenery, relaxed vibes, and friendly locals.

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