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Sustainable tourism project in Kampot Province helps deliver clean water for poor people in rural Cambodia.

Thank you to all of our wonderful guests that have taken part in the Mad Monkey Kamikaze Tour of Kampot in 2015.  Kampot’s sustainable tourism, tours and travel have started delivering benefits to the people of Cambodia.
This four-day Kamikaze tour of South Eastern Cambodia takes guests to discover the lesser-known area of Kampot and Kep and includes a large number of activities and places to visit that are not usually on the Cambodia tourism trail. ( See Mad Monkey Tours Kampot)
The tour has received great reviews and accolades over the past three months, since The Mad Monkey in Kampot launched the tour in October 2015 it has started to gather its own momentum with many people allocating four days for the tour that covers both Kep and Kampot provinces.

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What is the impact of this tour in Kampot ?

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The impact of this Kampot tour from October 2015 until now ( January 2016) has been the delivery of seven clean water filters for Families in Cambodia. This means that thanks to the delivery of this tour over 50 people now have access to clean and filtered drinking water.
The Families that benefited were all located in Kor Romeas Village and Bark Angrout Village in Chi Kraeng district of Siem Reap, they were:

  • Sai & Soi Family – Filter 1
  • Sa Reoun & Po Family – Filter 2
  • Ta Son & Mom Family – Filter 3
  • Meoun & San Family – Filter 4
  • Ta Ham & Hem Family – Filter 5
  • Pa & Sok Family – Filter 6
  • Chan Sarom Family – Filter 7

Definition of Responsibility and Responsible Travel

Kampot Jungle Boat Cruise
At The Mad Monkey we define responsibility and responsible travel in a number of ways, firstly the tours and activities that we operate must provide a lot more than just things to do in Kampot.

Environmentally responsible tourism

Our tour delivers responsible travel in a number of ways. Firstly all of the tour activities are low impact or positive impact for the local environment. For example no litter is left during the tour and aspects of the tour also include picking up litter and garbage during walks in the Kampot and bokor national park. When we walk into the Cambodian national parks we always aim to come out with more trash and garbage than we went into.

Socially responsible tourism

Socially responsible tourism for us means ensuring that each tour and activity that we operate in our hostels has a socially positive impact, in the case of the Kampot Kamikaze tour the impact has been the delivery of clean water for over 50 family members of poor families in Rural Cambodia. There are many more ways that we implement socially responsible business practices witin the core of our business, you can find out more on the about us page which covers how we operate a socially responsible business in Cambodia.

Economically responsible tourism in Cambodia

All of our tour products incorporate local suppliers and local families in their delivery, we use local restaurants, local transport suppliers and pay entrance fees and guide fees to locals.
The margin that we make on the tours runs to about 7% of the total revenue, the volume of capital released into the local market around 82% of the tour cost goes directly into the local community, with 10% being direct donations to the clean water project.
Around 11% is paid to international companies for provision and distribution technology that helps us sell and market each tour.
$14.50 for every tour sold directly online (10%) is directly donated to provide poor families in Cambodia with water filters to help filter the water prior to drinking and washing.

Why Clean Water – What impact does it really have?

Not having access to clean water is a serious problem in rural Cambodia and many young children die before the age of 5 from simple diarrhea and illnesses that are directly related to the non-availability of clean water for simple drinking, washing and cooking.  More details can be found on our clean water project for Cambodia pages.


We made our first donations last month and have been delighted to provide clean water filtration systems to seven families that without the filters would not have had access to them.
More information including facts and figures and links to videos are included here:
The CBAVC/org e have total donated 49 water filters to the poor families of the Kor Romeas Village and Bark Angrout Village in Chi Kraeng district of Siem Reap province, now with the added impact of the Kamikaze tour donations we hope to deliver a further 50 clean water filters during 2016.

About The Kampot Kamikaze Tour


The Kampot Kamikaze tour is a four day tour of Kep and Kampot Cambodia, the agenda of the tour varies based on the time of year, but in general includes a trip to a Kampot Pepper Farm, Bokor hill Station, Bokor National Park, A River Tour and activity day on the Kampot River and visits to the Gibbon sanctuary, the secret caves, a beach day in Kep and other activities.
Guests will stay at The Mad Monkey Kampot Hostel which is known as one of the best hostels in Kampot. Guests can receive discounts on the tours when they sign up for the Mad Monkey Club directly from the Mad Monkey website, bookings can be made directly online at the following link.

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About the Author

Mad Monkey is Southeast Asia’s leading hostel operator — born in Cambodia with more properties in Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Laos, and the Philippines. We pride ourselves in creating meaningful and sustainable travel experiences for our guests, whilst promoting socially responsible tourism.