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No prizes for guessing which animal tops our list of the world’s most glorious creatures… Pink fairy armadillos? Dumbo octopuses? Yeti crabs? No, no, & no. Although they have pretty gnarly names, the king of our animal kingdom is of course the mad monkey.
In this journey, we’ll be unveiling how you can find the secret kingdom that belongs to these mad monkeys of Siem Reap.
Question time: What do Mighty Joe Young, Curious George, Donkey Kong, & Bubbles all have in common…?
First & foremost, they are all mad monkeys. Secondly, they are all absolute legends. The mad monkeys of Siem Reap are no different. These little champs are a sight to behold while you’re marauding around temple town.
Monkey fans! For the perfect base to explore to monkey kingdom from, join the Mad Monkey family and grab yourself a swinging bed zone at our Siem Reap hostel!
Right, so if you’re a big fan of parties (cheeky!) and have a thing for juicy bananas (cheekier!), you’ll fit right in with the mad monkeys of Siem Reap.
Make sure your hair is looking on point, we’re about to take you into the heart of the monkey kingdom…
Mad Monkeys of Siem Reap

How To Find The Mad Monkeys Of Siem Reap

Welcome to the jungle!
These monkeys aren’t part of the furniture, they existed well before the furniture was even invented…
The mad monkeys of Siem Reap have roamed these lands for centuries and were used to freely roaming, knit picking, and butt scratching their way around the jungles and plains of Cambodia.
Since humanity landed, the jungles have been getting eroded and the plains have become even more scarce. Nonetheless, the mad monkeys of Siem Reap have learned to live side by side with whatever intrusion the human hand brings with it.
You’ll be likely to see them chilling on the roadside and hanging from trees in search of their next snack or their sexy other half for when nature oh so gloriously calls.
If you’re looking to grab a slice of this monkey action (and NO we don’t mean get involved in some form of animalistic threesome – that’s called beastiality ladies & gents, and it’s something we certainly don’t advise), then the best place to head for is the Temples of Angkor…
Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples should definitely be cemented into your Siem Reap itinerary. it’s one of the most beautiful architectural epiphanies the world has experienced (oh yes, and there’s monkeys there of course).
We can help you arrange the perfect temple tour, if you have a word with the lovely staff at our Siem Reap hostel.

The Mad Monkeys Of Siem Reap

Go bananas…
Mad Monkeys of Siem Reap - Banana
The mad monkeys of Siem Reap are incredibly friendly creatures. If you’re looking to get up close and personal, we advise bringing them a little snack.
What do monkeys love eating?
That’s right, you got it. Habanero chilis. Of course not. Although, it would be an interesting experiment to see if they can handle the sizzle.
On a serious note though, pack your backpacks full of bananas. They love them, and seem to have the munchies more than Wiz Khalifa after his Sunday smoking session. A bottle of water is also always a nice treat for them as well, it can get darn hot swinging around the temples.
The furry fellows you’ll be seeing throughout the temple complex are likely to be macaque monkeys, and are more than happy to come and say hi if you’ve got a treat for them.
These macaques should be running riot all over the place. However, if they’re being shy just kindly ask your tuk tuk driver to go slightly off the grid to find them.
Packing list…
So yes, you’ll want to be loading up your backpack with bananas, bottles of water, and a camera of course – for the mesmerizing moment they stare back at you with that beaming grin on their face.
Say cheese…

The Mad Monkeys Of Siem Reap: Flight Of The Gibbon

All this monkeying around may make you wish you were a monkey. Unfortunately, full body transplants between humans and monkeys hasn’t even reached urban legend status yet. However, there is an awesome experience in the Angkor site that can let you evoke your inner monkey.
The flight of the gibbon
The flight of the gibbon is an incredible zip-lining extravaganza through the canopy of the jungle. You’ll be treated to 10 zip-lines, 21 high rise platforms, 4 sky bridges, and a whole lot of euphoria.
Good karma…
The flight of the gibbon is an uplifting contribution to the government’s efforts towards rainforest and wildlife conservation around the local area. A fully guided tour experience costs $119 (a hearty portion of which goes towards these lovely causes), and you’ll be picked up and dropped off from our Siem Reap hostel.
Here’s a little teaser of the treetop adventure of a lifetime…


The Mad Monkeys Of Siem Reap: Furry Friends

The sprawling urbanity of Cambodia has of course led to the gradual decline of the mad monkeys of Siem Reap’s habitat. Although some the macaques and gibbons have hung around to chill with humanity, a number of other species have fled deeper into the jungle.
Who knows…
They could be forming some kind of Planet Of The Apes-esq revenge manoeuvre. Assuming that’s not the case, there are also trips that can take you further into the jungle to catch a glimpse of the rare monkey species. Unfortunately, these cheeky chaps have all landed themselves on the endangered species list.
These unlucky endangered monkeys include the likes of the Yellow Cheeked Crested Gibbon, Black Shanked Douc, and Germain’s Silver Langur.
Team monkey…
With the rapid decline in these species population, be sure to do everything you can to keep their environment safe and sound. Litter bugs, we’re talking to you. Clean up your crapola!

The Mad Monkeys Of Siem Reap: Stay Safe

As with all forms of species, there are cool and level headed beings, and there are also some absolute twats. This is no different in the monkey kingdom.
It’s of utmost importance to us that you stay safe on your travels, so be sure to keep your wits about you when you’re feeding or taking photos of the mad monkeys of Siem Reap.
Gold diggers…
These monkeys seem to have a bit of an infatuation with shiny things, so again be sure to have any of your precious belongings tucked away safely in your bag.
Get jabbed! Rocky Balboa loves a good jabbing, and so should you before you come across to Cambodia…
We can’t exaggerate enough the importance of getting all your vaccinations before departing on your adventures. There have been reports of people being bitten by the mad monkeys of Siem Reap and we certainly don’t want you turning into some form of rabid zombie.

The Mad Monkeys Of Siem Reap: Hollywood Hall of Famers

The mad monkeys of Siem Reap can certainly get pretty crazy. Going a step further, some of their cousins around the world have managed to make it onto the big screen with their antics…

Who knows…
Snap some killer footage and you could earn your mad monkey celebrity status in the animal world.
Safe travels ladies and gents, and keep on monkeying around!

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