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“I thought teaching English would be easy. The program made me aware of the mistakes I could make when teaching and the harm an untrained teacher could do.” – Leti Bordoli, June 2013 – Where to teach English in Cambodia
If you want to teach in Cambodia as a volunteer teacher then there are multiple opportunities for you to teach at either a free or charity funded school for a number of months.  However if you have had little or no experience of teaching in Cambodia before, then we highly suggest you take a short training course that will help you be a more effective teacher when arrive in Cambodia.
Could you imagine being employed as a teacher back home with no prior training or experience? ABOUTAsia Schools has developed a professionally run, 4-day intensive teacher training course, designed specifically to enable volunteers to ‘hit the ground running’ and eectively manage their classes from day one of their projects.
“Having already done a TEFL course, I felt this course complemented and built on what I already knew.” – Val Hufton, May 2013
Taught sessions cover the following areas

  • Cultural Understanding: Khmer history, culture and education system.
  • Teaching English: task setting, giving clear instructions.
  • Promoting engagement and learning: activity design, planning.
  • Enabling ALL students to learn: understanding learning styles and didifferentiation.
  • Classroom management: behavior needs and eeffective use of learning space.
  • Measuring progress: effective assessment, monitoring and feedback.
  • Micro teaching: plan and deliver a sample lesson.

In addition to this, we offer participants the chance to relax and reflect on their learning whilst gaining further understanding of the culture of Cambodia with an integrated excursion package.  When you have completed this package and have a more detailed experience of Cambodia there are a number of recommended schools where you will be able to teach English.
We highly suggest the following teaching opportunities for volunteers, however if none of these are suitable for your requirements we suggest you work with ABOUTAsia Schools to obtain the best placement at an approved school in the country.

For more information, course dates and a full course schedule, please contact:
Sarah Pycroft
Email: [email protected],
Tel: +855 (0) 77 578 751
Fees are just $200 for 4 days: including training, access to online resource materials and excursions,  All revenue generated from program fees will enable training opportunities for local Khmer teachers through the ABOUTAsia Schools Teacher Training Academy.

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