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Where to go in Bangkok, the most popular areas, the main attractions and hotels for each tourist district.


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Bangkok, Thailand is one of the world’s most favorite destinations. Affordable, mesmerizing, culturally rich, and an exciting blend of modern and traditional offering ceaseless entertainment, no wonder tourists and backpackers flock to this pulsating city to satisfy their wanderlust and fulfill their own brand of adventure—more than once.
There’s something for everyone in Bangkok—and to help you which part of the city you wish to focus on more, we give you a quick guide of the six most popular areas in Bangkok and the attractions and hotels they offer.
No matter what floor you are on, be it the executive level of a five-star hotel or a hostel in the cheap end of Wat Arun, Bangkok has something for every type of tourist, backpacker and independent traveler.
With each area of the city offering up its own individual identity to the thousands of tourists that visit its Wats, cheap markets, shopping brands, reclining golden Buddha statues, massage shops, floating markets, and every city attraction on offer, Bangkok will always be a fantastic city to visit for a weekend or an extended stay.
Getting lost in Bangkok is a great way to spend your time, and as Thailand’s capital city you can discover everything on offer in Thailand in just a few square miles if you know where to look.


Foodies rejoice! If a gastronomical adventure is high on top of your list, then Bangkok’s Chinatown is your area. This one-kilometer strip is teeming with street-side cuisine and hidden gems of excellent four and five stars restaurants that drive gourmands crazy. If you arrive after sunset, the place transforms into food haven.
If street food areas could be awarded a certificate of excellence, then Bangkok’s China Town would be the clear winner. The locals head here for a night out and although its crowded and noisy streets are packed at most times, it should certainly be on your sightseeing agenda.
During morning and daytime, Bangkok Chinatown is bustling with energy. Weave through the labyrinth of cool market stalls, gold shops, wooden shop-houses, it’s such a vibrant, energetic experience, with glittering temples in the horizon to complete the eye-candy view. And if you visit during the Chinese New Year, you will see Chinatown at its most magical and magnetic.
Major attractions in Bangkok Chinatown are Sampang Lane, Wat Traimit, Grand China Princess revolving rooftop bar, Wat Mangkol Kamalawat, Prison Corrections Museum and Romaneeart Park, Thieves Market, Wat Chakawat, and Sala Chalermkrung.
Top hotels in Chinatown include [eafl id=7247 name=”Lub d Bangkok-Silom” text=”Lub d Bangkok-Silom”], [eafl id=7197 name=”Centra Central Station Bangkok” text=”Centra Central Station Bangkok”], [eafl id=7198 name=”Hotel Royal Bangkok @Chinatown” text=”Hotel Royal Bangkok @Chinatown”], and [eafl id=7199 name=”Shanghai Mansion Bangkok” text=”Shanghai Mansion Bangkok”] – you can also take a look at our article ‘ Best hotels in Bangkok ‘ for more info.
Top hostels in Chinatown include  [eafl id=7200 name=”Loftel 22″ text=”Loftel 22″], [eafl id=7201 name=”Chic Hostel” text=”Chic Hostel”], [eafl id=7202 name=”RD Hostel” text=”RD Hostel”], [eafl id=7203 name=”Bangkok Story” text=”Bangkok Story”] and [eafl id=7204 name=”China Town Hostel” text=”China Town Hostel”]- you can also take a look at our article ‘ Best hotels in Bangkok ‘ for more info.
What to to here, buy souvenirs and eat the delicious food offered by any of the street vendors, guide yourself around the Wat and local museums and explore the stunning sensual culinary delights on offer whilst taking your time to sample each one with a tasting – Thai-style, but be careful as some treats can be rather spicy.


Where to go in Bangkok - The Old City

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The Old City, or Rattanakosin, is the perfect place if you are on the hunt for the most fascinating and most sacred historical attractions, as well as ancient architecture, old markets, museums, and art galleries. Nestled by the Chao Phraya River, just north of Bangkok’s Chinatown, the Old City is naturally dazzling with spires on every nook and cranny, as it was once part of Thailand’s colorful history.
Amazing must-see sights in the Old City include the spectacular Grand Palace, the breathtaking Wat Phra Kaew, the historic park of Sanam Luang, Wat Pho, Wat Saket, Loha Prasat, and Wat Mahathat, one of Thailand’s first universities and a venue for meditation or Buddhist statue gazing.
Also part of the Old City is the famous backpacker central Khao San Road, the Bangkok National Museum, the National Gallery, Bangkok Flower Market, and Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall, Queen’s Gallery, and Museum of Siam.
You can also experience a quality nightlife in the Old City—this is the district where you can get some live music and party all evening and into the night and early hours of the morning, like in The Club, Gazebo, Brick Bar, Brown Sugar, Bombay Blues, and Baghdad.
Top Hotels in the Old City – You can consult TripAdvisor for your stay, but we can assure you that the best hotels in this area include [eafl id=7205 name=”Riva Surya” text=”Riva Surya”], [eafl id=7206 name=”Old Capital Bike Inn” text=”Old Capital Bike Inn”], [eafl id=7207 name=”Chakrabongse Villas” text=”Chakrabongse Villas”] or the [eafl id=7208 name=”Shanghai Mansion” text=”Shanghai Mansion”] you can also take a look at our recommendations for the top Bangkok city hotels if you are searching for an awesome residence for your visit.
Top Hostels in the Old City – If you want to stay on Khao San Road our Khao San restaurant & accommodation guide will be of use, otherwise consider [eafl id=7209 name=”Bangkok Bed and Bike” text=”Bangkok Bed and Bike”] (recommended) [eafl id=7210 name=”Thanabhumi” text=”Thanabhumi”], [eafl id=7211 name=”D Hostel” text=”D Hostel”] or[eafl id=7212 name=” Nitan Hostel” text=” Nitan Hostel”]
What to do here – Firstly you should take in the tours of the magnificent temples and museums that are on offer, admission tickets are cheap at only a few Baht per person and the museums and temples are pretty fabulous.
You must take a walking trip down the Khao San Road ensuring that you take the time to peruse the funky fashions on offer, including some ornate and cheap jewelry.
Khao San can be a good place to negotiate with the hawkers for handicrafts and gifts to take home.  A stroll through this areas crowds and will give you the time to take in some of the period architectural wonders and landmarks as well.


Where to go in Bangkok - The Riverside Area

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The picturesque Bangkok Riverside offers a lot of attractions and activities by water. Day or night, it paints a quaint, beautiful landscape of water-taxis, rice barges, with the glittering array of temples, palaces, and ultra luxury hotels in the background.
The best way to experience Bangkok Riverside is to go on the Chao Phraya River cruise and enjoy the glorious river at sunset while viewing Bangkok’s breathtaking temples. You can also take the Thonburi Canals, or khlongs, by getting on a commuter boat for a few baht and allow yourself to be led to ancient markets and waterside homes.
At Bangkok Riverside, it is where you can also find the famous Sky Bar at Lebua State Tower, the Asiatique, the Royal Barges Museum, the Forensic Museum, and Wat Kalayanamit.
Bangkok Riverside has an impressive collection of 5-star hotels adorning its banks.  You will be paying top rates for this area of town but the relaxing riverside vibe and the plush hotel room will more than make up for it.  Check for daily deals offered by some of these hotels on booking .com for the best rates.
Best hotels in the district: Praya Palazzo and The [eafl id=7225 name=”Navalai River Resort” text=”Navalai River Resort”] are good budget choices, the best hotels in this area of Bangkok include [eafl id=7226 name=”The Peninsula” text=”The Peninsula”], [eafl id=7227 name=”The Mandarin Oriental” text=”The Mandarin Oriental”], [eafl id=7228 name=”The Siam ” text=”The Siam “]and [eafl id=7229 name=”The Shangri-La” text=”The Shangri-La”].
Best hostels in the district: The Riverside area is not exactly known for its cheap hostels, although some good options include [eafl id=7230 name=”Yodsiam Hostel” text=”Yodsiam Hostel”], [eafl id=7231 name=”Glur Bangkok” text=”Glur Bangkok”] – although you are also only a stone’s throw from the old town and Khao San Road so consider those options (above).
What to do here: Nightlife includes the Muay Thai Show, as well as the Calypso Ladyboy Show, head over to the riverside shopping market Asiatique (see the full description in our Bangkok shopping guide); for nightlife check out the live music at Trader’s Joe; Balco Bar; and 342 Rooftop Bar.  Many other key areas including the old town are a short walk or a short water taxi ride away, or simply chill out and watch life on the river float past your hotel.


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Shopaholics’ haven! Siam is the shopping center of Bangkok. The city’s most famous shopping malls can be found in this district, including the Siam Paragon, MBK Center, Siam Discovery Center ( also featuring Madame Tussauds), Siam Center, Central World, and Siam Square. Numerous cafes, boutiques, restaurants, bookshops, movie houses, record stores also dot the Siam area but are mainly catered to the upper class.
Siam is also home to the famous Jim Thompson House, the Siam Ocean World, the Erawan Shrine, the Human Body Museum, and the Pathum Wanaram Temple, see our essential things to do and see in Bangkok article for further info.
The BTS Skytrain station in Siam is the center of Bangkok.
Where to stay, Siem hotels: Some of the best hotels in Bangkok can also be found in Siam, including the [eafl id=7232 name=”Evergreen Place” text=”Evergreen Place”], [eafl id=7233 name=”Anantara Siam Bangkok” text=”Anantara Siam Bangkok”], [eafl id=7234 name=”InterContinental Bangkok” text=”InterContinental Bangkok”], [eafl id=7235 name=”Mercure Bangkok Siam” text=”Mercure Bangkok Siam”], and the [eafl id=7236 name=”Pathumwan Princess” text=”Pathumwan Princess”].
Where to stay Siem Hostels: The famous [eafl id=7237 name=”Lub D hostel” text=”Lub D hostel”] is here, if you can not stay there hit [eafl id=7238 name=”Chao Hostel ” text=”Chao Hostel “]or [eafl id=7239 name=”T-Boutique” text=”T-Boutique”], make sure you check our best hostels Bangkok for other choices.
What to do in this district: If you are here for a weekend shopping trip then you will want to stay here, otherwise visitors choose Siam for its top-rated hotels, stunning buildings, and plenty cheap priced hostels.  Of course, this is the central shopping complex district, but this does not mean you have to spend all day at the central world; there are plenty of top-rated bars, restaurants and dining establishments in this area.  Take a short taxi or a tuk-tuk and you can quickly be at any of the main sites and attraction areas, or hop onto the BTS Sky Train for connections across Bangkok.


Silom is mainly Bangkok’s financial district, distinct from the many bank headquarters and financial institutions, it is also the oriental home of many international companies Asian headquarters. For this reason, the hotels can be more expensive, buildings are taller and the traffic is more hectic around this main business hub.
However, the area is also rich with hotels and restaurants, as well as parks to escape the Thai heat.
This makes it a great place to people watch, especially if you are interested in watching the ‘services’ acquisition activity around the rama Patpong sex area or just watching people rush back to work after their lunchtime dining experience. Being a busy area of the city means that you really can see everything and everyone that is the slightest bit interesting in the Silom district.
Although this area is close to the red-light area, it does offer a good choice of options for your stay, with great train connections out to the airport and all other areas of the city, including quick and easy connection to the main bus terminals.
Where to stay in Silom Hotels – Top hotels in Silom include the [eafl id=7240 name=”Sofitel So Bangkok” text=”Sofitel So Bangkok”], [eafl id=7241 name=”Mandarin Hotel” text=”Mandarin Hotel”], [eafl id=7242 name=”Banyan Tree Bangkok” text=”Banyan Tree Bangkok”], [eafl id=7243 name=”Le Meridien Bangkok” text=”Le Meridien Bangkok”], [eafl id=7244 name=”Dusit Thani Bangkok” text=”Dusit Thani Bangkok”], and the [eafl id=7245 name=”Siam Heritage” text=”Siam Heritage”].
Where to stay in Silom Hostels – [eafl id=7246 name=”Saphaipae Hostel” text=”Saphaipae Hostel”] is very popular, Lub D’s second hostel [eafl id=7247 name=”Lub d Bangkok-Silom” text=”Lub d Bangkok-Silom”] is here, also [eafl id=7248 name=”Silom Art Hostel” text=”Silom Art Hostel”] and [eafl id=7249 name=”HQ Hostel” text=”HQ Hostel”] come highly recommended.
What to do in Silom district – The area of Silom is home to the world-famous red-light district of Patpong. But there’s also the Bangkok Seashell Museum, the Kathmandu Art Gallery, the inner-city nature sanctuary Lumphini Park, the Sri Mariammam Hindu Temple, Flight Experience (a simulation flight activity in Sibunruang Building), and the Bangkokian Museum.


Where to go in Bangkok - SUKHUMVIT Cosmopitan district

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Sukhumvit is Thailand’s longest road, with a cosmopolitan vibe. You won’t run out of places to eat, drink, and shop here, as it is home to a variety of hip restaurants, malls, and bars. Terminal 21 can be found here—the novelty mall where each floor is designed and built to look like an international city: Tokyo, Istanbul, Paris, and such. The luxury Emporium is also located in Sukhumvit.
You can take a guided tour of the city at many tourist shops that cater to travelers and tourists, they leave in the am and pm, there is even a walking tour offered for tips only, which can provide excellent photo opportunities of Bangkok.
For a room, consider the following hotels
Where to stay Sukhumvit Hotels – The best is probably the [eafl id=7250 name=”The Landmark Bangkok” text=”The Landmark Bangkok”], but other notable options with good reviews include Radisson[eafl id=7251 name=”Radisson Blu Plaza” text=”Radisson Blu Plaza”], [eafl id=7252 name=”BelAire” text=”BelAire”] and [eafl id=7253 name=”Grande Centre Point Hotel ” text=”Grande Centre Point Hotel “]in Terminal 21.
Where to stay Sukhumvit Hostels – Hostels in this area are of good quality, and if you really want to be staying central for cheap try out [eafl id=7254 name=”Better Bed” text=”Better Bed”], [eafl id=7255 name=”Analog Hostel” text=”Analog Hostel”], and [eafl id=7256 name=”Hostel Thonglo7″ text=”Hostel Thonglo7″].
What to do in Sukhumvit – If you are interested in buying Thai silk, teak, emerald jewellery then you will find the best stores on Sukhumvit.  Cycling is a real option as the road is so long it can be difficult to navigate by foot alone, although there are train stops every five hundred meters or so.
The red-light district of Soi Cowboy is also on the map of Sukhumvit and is open from late morning until the next dawn every day. Other attractions and sites include Escape Hunt Bangkok, a live puzzle game perfect for families, the Baan Kamthieng House Museum, the Benjakitti Park ideal for biking, boating, skateboarding, or aerobics. There’s also the Sub Zero Skating Rink, and the Benjasiri Park, also known as “Queen’s Park,” if you’re into sculptures.

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