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Now Hiring: Finance Manager (Gili Trawangan, Indonesia)

JOB TITLE: Finance Manager
DEPARTMENT: Finance and Accounting
REPORTS TO: Country Operational Manager
RESPONSIBLE FOR: Accounting and Finance

About Mad Monkey Hostels

Mad Monkey Hostels is the leading socially responsible hostel operator started in Cambodia with properties in Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and the Philippines.
With plans to further expand our operations in and beyond Southeast Asia over the next 3-5 years, we aim to be the leading socially responsible hostel company by number of beds worldwide by 2025.
Can you continue our quest to make our Mad Monkey brand a favourite city and island hotspot for accommodation, events, trips and parties with a difference?
We’re looking for someone with a shared passion and vision for developing us as a global leader in socially responsible travel and tourism, that positively leads our industry to a more sustainable and responsible future whilst creating stories, experiences, adventures and memories for our guests.

Main scope and purpose:

Responsible for company accounting operations, including, but not limited to: overseeing the operations of accounts department employees and outsourced activities; ensuring that all types of company transactions are properly processed; reporting monthly financial statements; coordinating the creation of annual budgets; and developing, implementing and maintaining an infrastructure of policies, procedures and calendars of activities to ensure that all the aforementioned are achieved, accurately, efficiently, timely and in compliance with accounting standards and tax reporting requirements.

Main duties and responsibilities:


  • Management of the operations of the Finance & Accounting department
  • Development of an efficient and professional team of employees within the Finance & Accounting Department
  • Development of specific goals and plans to prioritise, organise and accomplish work objectives
  • Provision of excellent leadership, fostering teamwork, celebrating top performance and encouraging work/life balance
  • Cultivation of employee team culture of open and collaborative relationships, and leading by example
  • Oversight of the activities of any supplier to which functions have been outsourced
  • Oversight of the accounting operations of any subsidiary of the Company
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of an effective system of accounting policies and procedures



  • Verification of supplier invoices, the payment thereof within the designated due date
  • Issuance of invoices to customers as soon as goods/services have been sold/delivered
  • Prompt collection of accounts receivable
  • Processing of payroll information with minimal errors, and issuance of compensation payments to employees by scheduled pay dates
  • Timely recording and prompt depositing of cash receipts
  • Completion of comprehensive bank & cash reconciliations at regular intervals
  • Payment of debt payments as scheduled
  • Effective operation of the company accounting, POS & reservation software and any other software utilised in accounting operations
  • Development and maintenance of a chart of accounts that effectively fulfills the record keeping and management reporting requirements of the business, universally adopted across the Group
  • Ensuring a strong accounting and operation control environment to safeguard Company assets
  • Maintenance of an orderly filing system for all hard and soft copy accounting records, including a system of document archiving and destruction
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of a comprehensive system of controls over all accounting functions within the company



  • Compilation and issuance of accurate financial statements on a timely basis
  • Measurement and reporting of the financial and operational performance of the company and its business units in ongoing reports to management
  • Preparation of various financial analysis for management
  • Representation of the company accounts department in scheduled Head of Department meetings
  • Supporting and liaising with the Heads of Departments in meeting the strategic goals of the Group
  • Proactive in seeking and identifying opportunities to reduce costs, enhance revenues and improve profits and promptly and effectively reporting them to management
  • Assistance in the preparation of the company’s annual reports
  • Provision of information required by internal, external & regulatory auditors to examine the Group’s financial statements and accounting system
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of an effective infrastructure of policies, procedures and calendar activities for the reporting of accurate and timely financial results



  • Coordination of creation of company annual budgets, and testing of their achievability
  • Calculation of variances between actual and budgeted results, and reporting the reasoning for variances to management



  • Monitoring the company compliance with any existing debt covenants and warning management of covenant breaches
  • Compliance with any filing requirements imposed by local, state or regional governing authorities
  • Compliance with tax reporting and payment requirements



Whist working for the Company there will be access to a wide variety of confidential information concerning the Company, Guests and Team members. It is vital that all such information remains confidential and must not be disclosed to anyone outside the Company, unless otherwise stated.  Please refer to the Team Handbook for full policy details.

Requirements and other information

Applicant must speak English and have prior experience in this field.
This job description is intended to illustrate the main duties and responsibilities of the job. It is not to be regarded as exhaustive. Other tasks and responsibilities of a broadly comparable nature may be added on a temporary or permanent basis, as appropriate.

How to Apply

This role will be based in Gili Trawangan, Indonesia. If you think you’re a good fit for this role, we can’t wait to hear from you! Please email the following to [email protected] with [Finance Manager] in the subject line:

    • A cover letter explaining why you are the best candidate for this job
    • A resume outlining your relevant experience


About the Author

Mad Monkey is Southeast Asia’s leading hostel operator — born in Cambodia with more properties in Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Laos, and the Philippines. We pride ourselves in creating meaningful and sustainable travel experiences for our guests, whilst promoting socially responsible tourism.