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Welcome to Part 5 of our favorite travel Instagram accounts of 2019! We hope you love these Instagrammers as much as we do — check them out as you’re guaranteed to be inspired to book your next trip! Be sure to check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4!
Here are Instagram’s most inspiring travel accounts of 2019. Scroll on, and discover your next adventure!

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#201 – @beckil_

An Artist Inspired by the World's Wildest Wonders

Bec Kilpatrick is a photographer, travel addict, and illustrator from Byron Bay in Australia. Growing up in the Australian sugarcane fields, she developed a deep appreciation for nature. Bec takes great artistic inspiration from the natural world, and with each photograph, she aims to encapsulate all that makes it unique, down to its very essence. Her photo collection will likely be irresistible to art lovers, every single post is a work of art – a mosaic of epic landscapes, interspersed with expertly rendered drawings. With such immense talent, we’re sure that her unfolding journey will be fascinating to watch. Learn more about her here.


#202 – @flipflopwanderers

Inspiring Long-Term Travelers to Chase Off-Beat Beauties

Bram and Manon are the flip-flop wandering couple behind this blog, and judging by how far they’ve wandered from their home country, the Netherlands, it seems clear they have a serious case of the travel bug. These travel bloggers and content creators have been exploring the world together since 2016, with no plans to stop soon. Their blog is aimed at other slow, long-term travelers who, like them, want to find the ‘hidden treasures’ of each new place, and enjoy immersing themselves in new cultures, instead of flitting through without absorbing anything. Through their blog, they hope to inspire new explorers and show others how to make the most of their slow traveling experience. See more of their work here.


#203 – @hayley_

A UK Traveler Capturing Warm, Inviting Wanderings

Hayley Vincent’s Instagram page runs the gamut of photography: aerial shots, warm portraits, moody street shots, epic depictions of nature, and so much more. This London born traveler and personal trainer is based in Bali these days, though you’ll find photos taken all over the globe in her collection, including locations such as Monaco, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. She claims to have a deep passion for exploring new cultures, something that she doubts will ever fade. For helpful travel resources, we recommend checking out her blog. Learn more about her here.


#204 – @theballoondiary

Getting Lost in the Right Direction

There are very few travel Instagram accounts with concepts as adorable as the Balloon Diary. Behind this quirky blog is Anne Dawson, a traveler based in Paris who’s on a mission to photograph herself all across the globe, with a pink balloon in hand. Anne loves the reactions people make to her walking down the street with a pink balloon. It doesn’t matter who they are, or what language they speak, she finds that the sight usually brings a smile to their face, and for just a moment, they share that moment of joy. To Anne, life is all about spontaneity, overcoming your fears and discovering new ones. With such an inspiring message, how can you resist clicking that ‘follow’ button? Read more about Anne and her pink balloon here.


#205 – @sennarelax

A Swiss Photographer Capturing Postcard Perfection

If you’re looking for pristine, rolling landscapes, and scenery so picturesque it almost looks like a painting, Senai’s photos will take your breath away. This photographer, who’s based in Switzerland, captures immaculate views all over Europe, but some of the most striking are easily from his home country. He captures the quiet serenity of travel, the feeling of sitting quietly and looking out over a great landscape. For scenery that moves you, we highly recommend following his account. His Instagram name is extremely apt as his photos convey a sense of calm. See his Instagram page here.


#206 – @naturechola

A South American Globetrotter with an Inspiring Cause

This intrepid traveler is Karen Ramos, and while much of her imagery is lighthearted, joyous, playful even, expect content that is about as far away from fluff as you can get. She has a big voice in the outdoor and adventure community, but her heart lies with more serious issues, specifically those that are social or environmental, and related to her indigenous heritage. Born to South American farmers turned entrepreneurs, Karen enjoyed camping and outdoor activities, growing up. Wanting to provide the same opportunities for other people, she started ‘Get Out, Stay Out’ an organization that connects indigenous migrant children with outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and backpacking. With such an empowering attitude and inspiring vision, you’ll want to keep Karen on your radar. Learn more about her here.


#207 – @sleasca

An American Journalist Seeking Sun-Soaked Experiences

Stacey Leasca is a journalist and traveler who’s worked for major publications such as Travel + Leisure, Men’s Health, and Glamour, to name a few. While originally from Rhode Island, in the United States, she’s based in Los Angeles, these days. Today, she focuses on travel and lifestyle content, but her past work has run the gamut, speaking on a number of serious issues that the country faces. If you’re looking for sunny travel photos that come with an uplifting, or socially and environmentally conscious commentary, then you’ll want to add Stacey to your follow list. Her photos are bound to inspire a sense of wanderlust, featuring places such as Fiji, Belize, Mexico, and many others. Learn more about her here.


#208 – @philwaukee

Promoting Positivity Across the Globe

Phil Calvert is an avid explorer who describes himself as a promoter of positivity. His brilliant photos take us through some diverse cities and cultures, but one of the highlights is easily Phil’s sense of humor, his energy, and his friendly confidence. His travel vlogs are also a must-watch, as these are highly entertaining, and we get to see Phil’s fun-loving attitude in action, charming people all over the world. Many of his photos depict him raising his fist in the air, conveying something like solidarity or perhaps just empowerment, whatever it means, he’s bound to ignite a sense of adventure in you. For great vibes and lots of hilarity, we highly recommend following his page. Learn more about him here.


#209 – @elonatheexplorer

A Weekend Wanderer with an Unstoppable Spirit

Elona is a travel storyteller from New York City, who decided to keep her full-time job and satisfy her thirst for adventure on the weekends. While she doesn’t have a lot of time to spare, this hasn’t stopped her from seeing some of the world’s most gorgeous, faraway places. Through her blog, she hopes to inspire others to think outside the box when trying to make their travel plans work, and she’s learned over the years, that it truly is possible to make the time for your adventures, while also keeping the rest of your life intact. With such consistently fantastic photos that convey both great adventure and great style at the same time, Elona is a wonderful addition to your follow list. Learn more about her here.


#210 – @bontraveler

One-Part Northern Californian, Two-Parts Abroad

Jessica Wright is a creative mind and avid traveler based in San Francisco, California. After opening her first business as a travel consultant at just 22 years old, Jessica’s claims she fell in love with the ‘why’ of travel and finally found herself with the opportunity to explore the globe. Eventually, she decided to work on her blog full time, realizing that her passion for experiencing and capturing travel was outgrowing her passion for simply booking it. These days, she spends most of her time exploring foreign countries, cultures and sharing useful tips with interested travelers online. Some of her favorite places have been the Dolomites, Japan, and Morocco. See more of her work here.


#211 – @theblondeabroad

A Solo Traveler Inspiring Female Adventurers Everywhere

Kiki, the blonde abroad, describes herself as an escape artist and mother of drones. This native Californian left her job in corporate wealth management, several years ago, to chase a soul-enriching adventure around the globe. The result of this changed her life forever, and she found deep empowerment in the life of a solo traveler. She hopes for her blog to be a reliable, go-to resource for all female travelers, especially those who are traveling solo. Since manifesting her life of adventure, she’s seen over 70 countries, including South Africa, Morocco, and Japan. Learn more about her here.


#212 – @kelleesetgo

An Explorer of Land, Air, and Sea

She’s been called ‘the most interesting woman in the world’ by Outside magazine, and ‘a triple threat of adventure’ by Conde Nast. No list about inspiring travelers on Instagram would be complete with intrepid explorer, Kellee Edwards. Kellee is a licensed pilot, advanced open water scuba diver, an avid traveler, and a travel expert and journalist. These days, she also hosts the TV Show Mysterious Islands, where she seeks out the most remote islands on the planet, with hopes to unearth their intriguing secrets. We’re not sure it gets any cooler than that, so we highly recommend following her page. You’ll see photos from all over, including places like Fiji, Bali, and Thailand. Learn more about her here.


#213 – @i_am_aileen

A Filipina Traveler Making Her Dreams Happen

At just 21, Aileen Adalid quit her corporate job in the Philippines to chase her dream of exploring the word and starting her own business. While the initial process was overwhelming, she found success just a few months later. Today, Aileen is a successful online entrepreneur, travel writer and vlogger engaging thousands upon thousands of people worldwide – and to top it all off, she’s traveling sustainably. Through her blog, she aims to share helpful tips, as well as be a source of inspiration in showing people how possible it is to manifest a life of travel and adventure, no matter their circumstances. See more of her work here.


#214 – @psimonmyway

Not Traveling, Just Choosing to Be Somewhere Else All the Time

Trisha V’s unique outlook is refreshing. Through her blog, she intends to show the reality of travel life, and that, contrary to what we’re made to believe, the great adventures you may find in foreign lands are not a cure-all for your life. Her favorite way of traveling is to volunteer wherever she goes – not only does this get her free food and accommodation, but most importantly, she learns to eat, speak, and live like a local. She also believes strongly in the value of travel, preferring to take her time getting to know a new place, instead of simply snapping photos at their landmarks. With such an honest outlook, we think you should give her a follow. Learn more about her here.


#215 – @aga_amatteroftaste

A Polish Traveler Seeking Scrumptious Delicacies

Aga Kozmic was born and raised in Poland, but these days, she resides in Melbourne, Australia. She’s a content creator, photographer, and writer, who claims that four years at an art school shaped a deep appreciation for art. Wherever she goes, she makes time to explore the artistic style of the region. She claims to be guided by the question ‘What can I eat there?’ and chooses her next destination largely due to the food that she can expect. On her page, you’ll find photos from everywhere, including countries like Malaysia, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and many others. Read more about her here.


#216 – @glographics

An American Traveler Spreading Joy and Laughter Across the World

Gloria Atanmo runs the Blog Abroad, and her sharp wit, honesty, and sense of humor are definite highlights. Fresh out of university, back in 2013, she booked a one-way ticket to Europe with only five-hundred dollars in her bank account. A couple of years later, she made the transition to become a full-time blogger, embracing every corner of the globe, and living out of a suitcase. Today she’s seen over seventy countries, six continents, and she’s nowhere near finished with her journey. She documents as she goes, so expect warm, lively photographs, and extremely engaging captions. Learn more about her here.


#217 – @muradosmann

World-Renowned Original Creators of the 'Follow Me To' Series

You’re not likely to recognize him since you’ve probably only seen his left hand, but Murad is one of Instagram’s top travel influencers. His “Follow Me To” photo series gained him and his wife worldwide attention, notable for depicting his wife guiding him through a new, foreign location. Murad is Russian and based in Moscow. Believe it or not, his earliest photos in the series were shot on an iPhone, but these days he uses a DSLR for a wider field of view. Other travelers across the globe may mimic his idea, but there’s nothing like going straight to the original creator. Murad and his wife still continue their ‘Follow Me To’ series, to this day, with photos evolving and increasing in quality. We highly recommend seeing what they’re up to now. See more of his work here.


#218 – @legalnomads

A Former-Attorney Telling Stories Through Food

Many years ago, Jodi Ettenburg, a former lawyer, quit her job to travel the world with the money she had saved up. Her plan? To travel for a year and then return to her line of work. It’s been a decade, however, and she still has yet to return. While she initially started her blog for family and friends, it began to grow in popularity, and eventually, it became her full-time job. She led the nomadic life for a while, flitting from country to country. These days, however, she’s made a home base in Oaxaca, Mexico, focusing on storytelling through food. Over time, her blog has evolved into an exciting platform, not just for the wonders of food, but also photography and stories. Learn more about Jodi here.


#219 – @ourwildabandon

American Artists on a Never-Ending Soul Journey

For travel storytelling at its finest, check out Jill Mann and Kyla Tretheway’s beautiful blog. Every photograph feels like a glimpse into the art of running away, and relishing the land you’re running to. Their story is a fascinating one: back in 2013, Jill and Kyla both broke up with their boyfriends at the same time. They knew each other through their former partners, but could never be considered friends. But after this shared new chapter, a friendship did unfold. On a whim, they left Vancouver to watch the sunrise in Utah. They started making art together, and today these successful freelancers are much-loved for their work, photos that seem to convey a never-ending road trip. Learn more about them here.


#220 – @runawayjuno

A Runaway Korean Traveler Breaking Cultural Norms

Jiyeon, who goes by ‘Juno’ to avoid pronunciation confusion, left her mechanical engineering job in Seoul, back in 2011. Growing up in a conservative Korean household, the decision to end her career sent shockwaves through her family, changing everything in her life, including many family relationships. Luckily for Juno, her blog was already relatively popular at the time, so she took a leap of faith, and dove headfirst into a life of travel blogging. It’s been almost a decade, and she’s found a way to make a good living as a full-time traveler. Juno claims that getting out there and seeing the world proved to her that it’s a much better place than what we see on the news. See more of her work here.


#221 – @girlwanderlist

An American Traveler Telling It Like it Is

Lauren Breedlove is a travel photographer and writer who calls New York home. According to Lauren, her style is real, raw, and pithy. She rejects the glamorous facade that many travelers like to put on and instead acknowledges the awkwardness that can be inherent in stepping out of your comfort zone. When she’s traveling, she can be found chasing waterfalls, and ooh-ing and aah-ing over baby animals. This love for nature and wildlife is evident on her page. We highly recommend following her if you want a down-to-earth traveler, with a good photographic eye. Learn more about her here.


#222 – @soultravelblog

Traveling with a Conscience, Journeying with Soul

Ellie and Ravi are the British-Indian travel couple behind Soul Travel, a blog committed to guides about sustainable, positive, and mindful travel. Ellie and Ravi believe that the most fulfilling travel allows you to see the world and make a positive difference at the same time. Through their blog, they hope to give people all the information they need to help adventurers make deeper connections with themselves, the world, and to spread the word about companies that practice sustainable travel. With such an inspiring outlook and positive message, you should absolutely add them to your follow list. Read more about their work here.


#223 – @yoanguerreiro

A Portuguese Photographer Capturing Culture From All Angles

Yoan Guerreiro is a talented photographer and videographer from Lisbon, Portugal. Mind-blowing aerial shots, exotic wildlife, foreign streets, and cityscapes: these are some of the many subjects you can expect from his Instagram page. His photos are consistently well composed, demonstrating his fantastic eye, and we have no doubt that we’ll see his follower count shoot upwards very soon. He’s seen visited fascinating places all over the globe, including Thailand, Myanmar, and Morocco. And for those who enjoy living vicariously through videos, he also posts compilations of his drone footage on YouTube. See more of his work here.


#224 – @budgettraveller

Showing You How to Travel In Style and on a Budget

If you want to learn more about the art of traveling on a budget, then look no further. Kash Bhattacharya was named the National Geographic Traveler blogger of the year, and he’s been traveling in style on a budget since 2009. Through his blog, he hopes to challenge people’s perceptions about budget travel, by demonstrating that comfort and pleasure need not be sacrificed. He offers fantastic resources for all who need recommendations on destinations, food, and luxury hostels. His Instagram page takes you everywhere, from beaches in Thailand to snow-coated mountains in France. Learn more about him here.


#225 – @peach.punk

A World Explorer Capturing Poetry in Ordinary Moments

Mandy Sham describes herself as a story collector, epicurean, and explorer. Hailing from Toronto, Mandy is easily one of the more unique and memorable artists on Instagram. Her travel photography is accompanied by sometimes poetic captions, conveying the true sense of wandering, but in a dreamlike state. Every photo feels like an honest snapshot, capturing moments that are easily overlooked but precious in their artistic composition: a mother and daughter waiting in Albania, children cycling through Cambodia, a finished meal. For a perspective you’ve likely never considered before, give her a follow. See her Instagram page here.


#226 – @the_mindful_mermaid

A Sustainable Traveler Living Mindfully and Consciously

This modern-day mermaid is Alex, a Minnesota native who is currently based in Dubrovnik, Croatia. She believes mindfulness is not just a hippie concept, but instead a heightened form of self-awareness, and at its best, it intersects with the needs of our community, culture, and planet. Her blog is an archive of helpful resources for all who share her passion for conscious, sustainable travel and lifestyle – and it’s also where you’ll find her honest commentaries and stories from her life as an American in Croatia. Read more of her work here.


#227 – @reece.marcel

A Photographer Capturing the Wild and Lively

Cook Islander Reece Marcel is a travel and festival photographer who, these days, is based in Cardiff, Wales. He claims to be obsessed with travel, festivals, and other cultural events, and this is evident on his page. As a photographer, he seeks out colorful rituals, food, unique people, and adventure, as he has a strong desire to document the beauty inherent in different cultures. Reece has a true gift for capturing joy, vivid colors, and dynamic moments almost lost. His page is filled with scenic drone photography, fascinating juxtapositions, and genuine human emotions. Learn more about him here.


#228 – @wiltonphoto

A Photographer Telling the Stories We All Need to Hear

Christopher Wilton is a London based street, travel and portrait photographer, always preferring to take the road less traveled. His immense talent is immediately clear after looking through his work. Every moment with a stranger feels personal and revealing, like a door left open. Every photograph is engaging, and every foreign place feels almost familiar. Through his photography, Christopher hopes to demystify the parts of the world that he feels are often misunderstood. His professional work has taken him to some of the globe’s most remote places, namely in Africa, Asia, and the Middle-East. We can’t recommend his page enough. Read more about him here.


#229 – @thedharmatrails

Australian Eco-Travelers Inspiring a Sustainable Lifestyle

Vivien, an Occupational Therapist, and Aaron, a coastal engineer, met on the Gold Coast of Australia, after being introduced by a mutual friend who knew they needed to meet. It turns out this friend was correct. Today, Vivien and Aaron are the highly inspiring eco-travelers behind the Dharma Trails. With a focus on sustainable travel and living, they explore the world while remaining aware of the impact they have on the places they visit. Their Instagram is known for its ‘Eco Thoughts of the Day’ where Vivien and Aaron share a tidbit of information about anything related to the beauty of the environment, or its conservation. Learn more about them here.


#230 – @andrewknapp

The Amazing Adventures of a Border Collie and his Human

If you’re a sucker for travel and adorable animals, then you’re going to love Andrew Knapp, who combines both on his page for his Border Collie, Momo. Momo’s travel photos are irresistibly cute, and they’ve become increasingly well known through a series of books released by Andrew, entitled ‘Find Momo.’ Both Andrew and Momo are based in Canada, but this doesn’t stop them from making trips over the Atlantic. In their photo collection, you’ll find Momo at the Arc de Triomphe in France, gallivanting through the Isle of Skye in Scotland, and even looking cheeky on public transportation in Zagreb, Croatia. See more of Momo’s books here.


#231 – @dimitarz

A Young Artist Creating Spellbinding Experiences Through Video and Photography

Dimitar Zlatarev describes himself as a professional pizza, rendang, and acai eater, a description which truly gets across what an international citizen he is. This young photographer and videographer is based in London but frequently travels outside his city to continue creating exciting content. The scope of his photography is vast, capturing portraits, cityscapes, nature, and much more. Expect photos from beautiful locations, including Bali, Italy, and Bulgaria. And if you prefer experiencing the world through videos, make sure to check out his breathtaking work on YouTube. See more of his work here.


#232 – @thisbatteredsuitcase

A Travel Blogging Veteran Candid About the Highs, Lows, and Heartbreaks of Travel, and Everything in Between

Brenna Holeman from Winnipeg, Canada, has seen over a hundred countries and almost every continent, except for Antarctica, over the course of thirteen years. She’s been blogging for even longer and even remembers the days of having to scan prints just to get photos online. Her travel blog isn’t like most others you’ll see. While she does write about travel, she also writes about life – and not just the image of life she wants to portray, but real events, like heartbreak and loss. In fact, she has a whole section of her blog dedicated to amusing relationship rants and past breakups. Brenna’s outlook is incredibly refreshing, and you’ll no doubt crack a smile after reading a post or two. Learn more about her here.


#233 – @handluggageonly

Fun Loving Friends from the UK, Cracking Smiles and Creating Genuine Connections

Yaya and Lloyd started their blog back in 2014 in Yaya’s dorm room at Cambridge University. They were both avid travelers already, but they longed to share their travel stories with people around the world and to form connections with others who were passionate about travel as well. And so Hand Luggage Only was born, an online platform for sharing useful information on travel, food, photography, and more. Not only do these bloggers cover an impressively extensive list of destinations, but they’re both hilarious friends with a fantastic sense of humor. Their Instagram page is home to gorgeous photos, and their captions have a lighthearted, laid-back touch. Give them a follow and you won’t be disappointed. Read more of their work here.


#234 – @capra311

A French Photographer Sparking Wanderlust for Astounding Architecture

Jean-Philippe Mattei is a French travel photographer based in beautiful Paris, with a strong fascination for street and urban photography. His photos are highly captivating, capturing a sense of ancient history, and old stories untold in the corners of every city. His entire collection is sharp, vivid, a playground of light and shadow. You can expect to see places all over the world, such as China, Italy, and his home country of France. A scroll through his feed will have you aching to see gorgeous European and Asian architecture in real life. Jean-Philippe has worked with a number of brands, including Nikon France, Mercedes-Benz, Absolut Vodka, and many more. See more of his work here.


#235 – @abhiandnow

An Indian Traveler Capturing Beautiful Stories Near and Far

Like many before him, Abhinav Chandel quit his job to commit himself fully to travel, writing and photography, his three major passions. Today he is successful what he does, and inspiring people worlds over to chase their dreams as well. Based in the lower Himalayan region of India, he is never at a loss for photography subjects and some of his most breathtaking shots are within his home country. His photography skills run the gamut, from spellbinding astrophotography to moving portraits. If you’re looking for travel photos that thought and emotion, look no further. See his Instagram page here.


#236 – @estherhavens

An Empathic Storyteller Sharing the Narratives that Matter

For photography with a lot of heart, take a look at Esther Havens’ work. This humanitarian photographer describes herself as an empathetic storyteller, and we’d agree with her. She’s worked for a number of social awareness campaigns and charities, aiming to bring necessary resources to those who have less. Her photography has been noted for capturing stories of strength in whomever she meets, whatever their background or walk of life. For some of the most moving depictions of people all over the world, we highly recommend following her journey. Learn more about her here.


#237 – @fullyrawkristina

A Healthy Lifestyle Guru on an Inspiring, Neverending Adventure

Kristina is an Ecuadorian-Lebanese world traveler and blogger, well-known for being a strong healthy lifestyle advocate. While many know her as a huge proponent of veganism and one of Greatist’s top one-hundred most influential people in health, she is an avid world explorer as well. If you’re interested in sandy, sun-kissed adventures, she’ll take you on a journey you’re bound to enjoy immensely. On her page, you can expect photos from a variety of different locations, including Hawaii, Bali, and Costa Rica. She’ll inspire you to take your next beach getaway, and you may even feel encouraged to go veggie, in the meantime. See her Instagram page here.


#238 – @twotickets.toanywhere

UK Content Creators Living Life to the Fullest No Matter What

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Jack and Becky are full-time travelers and content creators, with a shared love for good (and bad) puns. Prior to embarking on their trip of a lifetime, they saved extensively, staying home whenever they could and even selling most of their belongings. Through their images and guides, they hope to inspire other people to travel the world, experience new cultures and live life to the fullest. Follow them for sunny, upbeat, and occasionally silly photos from all over the world. Learn more about them here.


#239 – @teacaketravels

Inspiring Girl Power and Solo Female Travel

Alice Teacake rejects the idea that travel is all about cocktails, bikinis, and pretty photos; she thinks it should also be about exploration, sweat, expanding your horizons and showing yourself what you’re capable of. This inspiring travel blogger is, above all, passionate about female empowerment, and her blog hopes to motivate more women to travel solo so that they might challenge themselves and become stronger. Her Instagram photos are fun, joyous, but also unpretentious, capturing the beauty of the culture she’s surrounded by. Her confident, go-get-it attitude is bound to add an extra dose of empowerment to your feed, and we highly recommend giving her a follow. See more of her work here.


#240 – @estherjulee

Experience a Vibrant, Inviting World with one of the USA's Top Travel Bloggers

If you’re looking for a highly lauded American travel blogger, meet Esther Julee, who was recently voted one of the Top 5 travel bloggers in the United States. Esther was born in Korea but moved to the US at a young age. Today, she’s based in New York City. She found that travel blogging was a cathartic outlet for her, especially during periods of confusion in her life. While her friends describe her as “Indoorsy” she’s warmed up to various outdoor activities, and has even hiked to Machu Picchu, and through numerous other natural sites. Her photos are vibrant, positive, and brimming with a sense of adventure. Learn more about her here.


#241 – @happytowander

A Canadian Travel Blogger Embracing Independence

Christina Guan is a Canadian travel blogger from Vancouver who describes herself as awkward, clumsy, and a tad ridiculous. We’d easily disagree, as Christina glows with confidence and grace in just about every photo on her page. She’s a big fan of underrated travel destinations, and through her blog, she hopes to help other travelers discover experiences that thrill them. Like many, Christina claims that travel changed her, teaching her how to embrace adventure and independence by forcing her out of her comfort zone. Follow her for gorgeous photos taken all over the globe, including countries like the Netherlands, India, and Morocco. See more of her work here.


#242 – @_kmil

A Bay Area Photographer Fulfilling His Dream of Living on the Road

Kyle Miller is a travel photographer from Oakland, California, who says he believes his best work is still ahead of him. He strives to take photos that are clean, impactful, colorful, and able to give all viewers their intended experience. His dream was always to live and work on the road, a dream that he has recently been able to call a reality. He embarked on a life of travel and photography in late 2017, and today he’s seen over twenty countries and counting. His nature and wildlife shots are astounding, and we recommend supporting his page. Learn more about him here.


#243 – @meinbhiphotographer

An Indian Travel Blogger Evolving Through Art

The creative force behind Mein Bhi Photography is Nishchay Jain, a travel and lifestyle blogger from India. His deepest passions are travel and photography, and on his best days, he combines the two. He sees every photo he takes as an extension of himself and believes strongly that his creative pursuits make him a better person. Nischay can capture almost anything, whether it’s a lively cultural festival or a quiet moment on a sidewalk, and each snapshot in his collection feels personal, as if we’re seeing with his eyes and not his camera lens. See more of his work here.


#244 – @mary_quincy

A Travel Photographer Capturing the World's Colorful Corners and More

For some of the most charming street and architecture photography on Instagram, let us point out Mary Quincy. This full-time photographer, based in Paris, has a knack for capturing the colorful, vibrant corners of every city. While each picture is stunning on its own, when viewed in grid form, her collection is a rich, irresistible mosaic of colors from across the globe. Mary claims to be fascinated by the authenticity of every place she visits, and she tries to capture ‘instant moments’ when rawness shines through before pretenses can be formed. If you love architecture, cityscapes, or the occasional artsy shot, give her page a follow. Learn more about her here.


#245 – @walltraveled

A Page Curating Color, One Wall at a Time

If you’re wild about walls, you’ll love Wall Traveled, a colorful Instagram page that compiles the most creative street-art walls from all around the world, no matter how far or how silly. The creative mind behind this fun page is Rosie Clayton, a travel, style and design blogger from Chicago with a love for all that’s glamorous and colorful. Wall Traveled features walls from a variety of exciting places, including Barcelona, Melbourne, and Kuala Lumpur. Their page also gives users the opportunity to be reblogged if they use the Wall Traveled hashtag. See the Instagram page here.


#246 – @theendlessadventure

Bay Area Adventurers Working Hard to Play Hard

Many years ago in San Francisco, Eric and Allison felt their lives were growing stale. Allison worked for an online clothing company, and Eric was the co-founder of a tech startup. While this seemed fine at the surface, they eventually came to the realization that all they did was work, drink and watch Netflix. Deciding to make a change once and for all, they quit their jobs and embarked on a worldwide adventure. Today they are full-time travelers, exploring the world and creating digital content. They claim that for every day of adventuring, there are two days of working hard at a local coffee shop, wherever ‘local’ happens to be at the time. Learn more about them here.


#247 – @sparrystake

A Fun-Loving Travel Blogger Creating Fascinating Content

Stephen remembers going on world adventures with his parents, even as a small boy. He blames them completely for letting the travel bug get him. This South African born and Australian bred travel blogger has been passionate about photography since his school days, and today, he gets to enjoy it full-time. He and his partner, Jess, left Australia many years ago to pursue their dreams of seeing the world. Their travel blog has been highly praised, and their extremely entertaining travel channel on YouTube boasts of over 400k subscribers. With such riveting content, we recommend giving Stephen a follow. Learn more about him here.


#248 – @tea_for_taryn

A Riveting Blogger Chasing Sunrises All Over the World

South African travel blogger, Taryn Elliott, is a sunset chaser, waterfall enthusiast, time travel aspirant, and experience collector, among many other things, according to her page. She’s lived and worked all over the world, with countries like South Korea, Hong Kong, and Thailand under her belt. There are plenty of reasons to give Taryn a follow: stunning photos that convey joy and adventure, and also incredible storytelling. Taryn’s writing is a major highlight of her blog. Her stories are interesting, skillfully told, and filled with her genuine thoughts. She’s a great one to get to know. Learn more about her work here.


#249 – @liolaliola

A Travel Photographer From Everywhere

Olga spent her childhood in several different countries, and for this reason, she finds it difficult to answer the question, ‘Where are you from?’ She’s an avid traveler and photographer, who’s had a passion for capturing beauty through imagery ever since she got her first camera at eleven years old. Through her travel photography, she hopes to spread the message that the world is full of beauty and kind, warmhearted people. Her first-hand experiences in the world have shown her there is more kindness than anger, and that mass media portrayals can be very far from the truth. See Olga’s Instagram page here.


#250 – @workingwayfarers

Long-Term Travelers Making Memories Across the Globe

Daisy and Nenad are American travel bloggers that have been exploring the world together since 2014. They describe themselves as a normal, millennial couple living their lives to the fullest and trying to experience as much of the world as they can while they’re young. They discovered that long-term travel was a shared dream of theirs, when they started dating in 2013. They were initially skeptical about whether they’d be able to pursue their dreams, knowing that a life of travel was not as easy to arrange as it seemed. But they made it work! They’ve been on their ‘Round the World’ trip since 2015, and have never looked back. And believe it or not, they own five passports between them! Keep up with their journey here.


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